We almost have a roof over our heads (cabin building in the woods)

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The snow is threatening to fall and we’re oh so close to getting the roof on before we get tons and tons of it in Snoqualmie Pass.  But we’re not quite there yet.  And that’s the nail-biting exciting part of building in a place with a short building season.
building a cabin in the woodsscaffolding

On our last site visit, I bravely managed to climb a steep ladder into the loft so I could check out the top floor and take a peek FAR down below.  I had to go up alone so the hubby could hold the bottom of the ladder and I shivered, trembled and shook, but I wanted to see it so badly I had to do it and I love how this project has challenged me in so many ways.

looking down

Things have been coming along quite nicely and it’s neat to see how much gets done every day. The boys enjoy coming to the site, and we bring things like remote control cars to keep them entertained.

remote control cars for kids

I love that our builder has managed to keep so many trees around our cabin.  It definitely gives it a woodsy feel.

building a cabin in the woods in washington

And it was so frosty the other day we had fun just exploring the area and looking for ice to jump on, smash and slide.  When all my guys tumble around outdoors I love that I get to play around with my camera.  And when we hike with young kids, I’ve noticed we can go farther when we give them chances to stop and play around. We always bring a thermos of hot choolate when we hike in the wintertime too.

Gap plaid hats for kidswinter hiking with kidsplaying on ice in Snoqualmie Passfamily winter photos

family pictures in Snoqualmie

Fingers crossed that this roof gets up and finished soon so we can close the place up for the winter.  It’s been such an amazing journey so far and I didn’t realize how much excitement and adventure this place would add to our lives when we started this whole project.

winter hiking with kids

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  1. Watching your house being built is so exciting! Glad you’re enjoying the process, can;t wait to see the end result 🙂

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