In case you miss Macaron Day in Seattle, here’s where we find our favorites

le panier seattle and their cute packaging
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My little guys are big fans of macarons and every time we walk into a bakery that sells them, it feels like it could be Macaron Day, but I didn’t realize that Macaron Day is actually a thing until I was buying some pastries at Le Panier this morning and saw their gorgeous new stickers and posters for Macaron Day this March 20th, 2015.  It is a day started by an awesome macaron maker from France named Pierre Herme (whose macarons, my guys have tried when we were in Tokyo and randomly found his shop.) to give back to charities around the world.  On the 20th it is also Daffodil Day in the Pike Place Market so it’s a great day to be there enjoying sweet treats and celebrating spring.

where to find macarons in seattle

If you miss macaron day, it is not a problem in Seattle because there are so many bakeries making them you can find a new macaron shop almost every day.  We have a bunch of favorite places where we like to get them too! Although Le Panier is definitely where we get them the most (we love the passionfruit), we also like to stop at Honore bakery in Ballard,

best macarons in saettle

we like the Birthday Cake ones from the Yellow Leaf cupcakes, my friend Jamie introduce me to the delicious ones from Lady Yum in Kirkland, and we often get them from Fresh Flours near Woodland Park Zoo.  I just noticed on my last stop into Fuji Bakery that they been making them too and my guys thought they were pretty yummy and didn’t offer to share with me!  (Fuji Bakery also started making beautiful birthday cakes at the Interbay location and I’m really excited to try one for our next celebration)

places to find yummy macarons in seattle

So there is no shortage of macaron options in Seattle, and I hope that whatever day you do decide to celebrate the day, you relish in it and I’d love to hear what flavor is your favorite.  (Mine is usually some form of Earl Grey or passionfruit.)

(PS. I just heard that the Paris Grocery at the bottom of the Pike Place Market will be handing out FREE macarons from Luv Macarons from 11-1pm on March 20th, 2015 to celebrate too! Even more of a reason to stop by the market, right?)

3 thoughts on “In case you miss Macaron Day in Seattle, here’s where we find our favorites

  1. Happy Macaron Day! I knew you’d have a list of places to try in Seattle – I didn’t notice Le Panier’s macaron counter last time I visited but hopefully this time I will. I didn’t get to celebrate as my son has severe nut allergies including almonds so I can only eat them when he’s no where near me. It’s Spring Break here so both kids have been with me 24/7 😉

    1. Can he do coconut macaroons? I love them too-it’s sad they don’t have icing in the middle, but I love when they’re dipped in chocolate. Hope to see you when you guys come back here-there are MANY new bakeries. Yum!

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