Upping the bar even more for coffee art in Seattle (Moore Coffee, Seattle)

Moore coffee in seattle has the best latte art
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My kids are so jealous of a breakfast my husband and I had without them.   coffee art in dallas with kids

We figured out that one of my guys is really into coffee art on our past trip to Dallas and it’s made us seek out pretty coffees in Seattle too just to see how he reacts.  I’ve been dying to go to Moore Coffee since I saw their art show up in my instagram feed a while ago and I wasn’t sure if this was just for a select few special coffee drinkers or if they do coffee art all the time, so I thought we’d pre-try the place before we took my kid so that there wouldn’t be any disappointment.

where to find beautiful coffee art in seattle like totoro or owls

It turns out I’ve been missing out on the loveliest cup of coffee in Seattle for way too long and that is the only disappointment I feel in my heart.

Moore Coffee in Seattle has gorgeous coffee art and great atmosphereone of the most adorable coffee shops ever in seattle has waffles and many drinks

Moore Coffee is impeccably adorable right down to the lovely cement-framed-faux-fireplace we sat beside on cushiony armchairs layered with furry pillows.

cute coffee shops in seattle with art and great food

It even has waffles so it’s perfect for breakfast-we tried the cinnamon and the banana/Nutella.  I was also curious about one that was speckled with brie but we wouldn’t have had any room on our table or in our bellies.  (And out of town Seattle folk, the attached Moore Hotel seems quite chic and their rates seem really reasonable.  Have any of you stayed here?  I think I might have to one day just to see!)

We also usually just do regular lattes, but Moore Coffee serves drinks like horchata lattes and nutella lattes so I think I’ll have to come back and try some Moore, I mean, more.  (I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help it.  And you won’t be able to either.)


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