A place that needs its own trophy for best soft serve (Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle)

fun place to eat ice cream sundaes in Seattle
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I already have mad love for Trophy Cupcakes-it is the most adorable cupcake shop in Seattle (Especially the original one in Wallingford that is housed in an old school building) and we have a plethora of cupcake shops here to choose from.  And not only does it have delicious cupcakes, but the owner, Jennifer Shea, is so supportive of our community that I love it even more-I’ve been to her cupcake decorating class where she taught me how to decently ice cakes and I’ve been to many events in Seattle where I’ve seen cupcakes that she has donated too!  Most recently I received a coupon for a free cupcake from Trophy in a sweet ‘goody bag’ from the Viriginia Mason Dreambuilder’s ball and when I went in to redeem it the other day, my kids and I found out that Trophy Cupcakes is now serving SOFT SERVE ice cream.

I already had my heart set on my cupcake so I didn’t order one and honestly I thought that my kids wouldn’t finish their cones and I’d end up with everything I wanted.

But my kids DEVOURED their cones. (this one even had sprinkles on it seconds before this pic-I wasn’t quick enough…)

vanilla soft serve at Trophy Cupcakes

The vanilla soft serve had flecks of real vanilla bean.

And my kids were thrilled with the sprinkles.

When I come back with the hubby we’ll definitely try the Belgian Chocolate Magic Shell or one of the other cupcake sundaes I’ve seen in the Trophy Cupcakes Instagram feed. (I am a bridesmaid this summer-I should stay away from this feed but it’s oh so hot in Seattle that I can’t help myself)

Aren’t cupcakes and soft serve ice cream perfect together?

(PS. they make affogatos too.)

(PPS. I have no idea why I don’t have more pictures of this place.  More reason to revisit!  Have you been?)

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  1. We LOVE Trophy Cupcakes!! I just wish they had a shop a little closer to Tacoma 🙂 I haven’t tried their soft serve yet, but will have to.

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