More than juices at Jujubeet Cafe in Bellevue

Jujubeet Cafe in Bellevue
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I first noticed Jujubeet Cafe in Seattle a few months ago.  I was on my way home from getting my nails done at Julep nearby and I was hungry and thought I’d stop at Uvillage for something but didn’t have a ton of time.  I thought maybe I’d grab a juice or smoothie to tide me over-everyone I know is into juice and smoothies lately, so I’ve been curious too. I ended up trying the Acai bowl. I’ve seen them a lot in Hawaii but never tried one and it was tasty and filling and almost like a healthy sundae; I wished there was something like this cafe in my neighborhood.

Acai bowl at Jujubeet Cafe near University Village

And then I got an invite to a re-opening party for Jujubeet Cafe in Bellevue.  If you’re free on April 14th from 3pm to 8pm you should totally go!  (Check out the Jujubeet Facebook page for details!) It’s at Jujubeet’s new location right next to Glassybaby at 10246A Main Street.  This new Jujubeet still has juices but it has a TON more food and the menu is fantastic.  This Jujubeet cafe has more meal-like offerings compared to the University Village location and my favorite part is that they have a great-looking kids’ menu too!

Jujubeet Cafe in Bellevue

I was lucky enough to meet with the owners-two delightful women who live and breathe healthy and wonderful eating.  I instantly fell in love. The space is so architecturally pleasing and meticulously planned, I felt like I shouldn’t have driven there, but cycled there in a mint-colored bike with flowers and market purchases spilling from my basket.

The menu is full of gluten-free and healthfully thought out items too.  An architect helped these women plan the space and a dietician helped them plan the menus and I think you can totally tell how much it helps make Jujubeet fantastic.  My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed as celiac so we’ve been more aware of gluten in food and my family and I don’t like eating animals very much so having a cafe full of innovative plant-based items is a dream.  I tried oatmeal based waffles with dairy-free coconut whip cream.  (THEY WERE VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE AND DELICIOUS!!!!)  I inhaled some kind of housemade yogurt with berry compote that I ended up buying more of to take home.  I also brought home some kale salad and banana chocolate date bars that my kids devolved.

And now I wish even more that we had a Jujubeet in my neighborhood.  Have you been?

(PS. I stopped in the toy store across the street and a home store a block away and I noticed a park nearby too where kids can play. Jujubeet in Bellevue is in a perfect location for a family outing! Yep-not jealous at all……)

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    1. I love it too but will be out of town. I wish we had this Jujubeet on the westside but visiting is a great excuse to explore Bellevue and the mall:)

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