September 26th is Family Day

Hiking for Family Day
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Nestled snuggly between “Hug a Vegetarian Day” (September 23rd) and “Biscotti Day”(September 29th) you really can find “Family Day” on September 26th-I verified it on Days of the Year and I totally would love to know who actually makes these days up. I didn’t even know there was such a day until I was contacted by Gifts who has a whole line of gifts that can help you celebrate Family Day too.

Mrs. Fields basket from

And because I didn’t know there was a Family Day I thought that people I know wouldn’t know about Family Day so I decided to celebrate a little early so that by the time you read this you can still have time to prepare.  For my pre-Family Day celebration, I chose a Mrs. Fields Classics basket to share with some friends and their families after a hike on a recent weekend.  Of course I celebrate families with food.  Don’t you think of food when you think of your family?  Mine is always thinking about what we are going to eat next, where we want to eat next together and sometimes when our whole extended family gets together we dream about the next meal we’ll eat together while eating.  That’s just how it goes.

Mrs. Fields Basket from

It was nice to eat together with friends and their families and share some sweets.  There were so many treats in this basket and they were conveniently packaged so we sent some home with our friends for their lunches the next day.  It’s like what we tell our school-aged kids: it feels so nice to share.

Hiking with friends and family in the pacific northwestCelebrate Family Day with a hike

So I don’t think there are many rules to Family Day, and I know it’s not one of our traditional calendar days, but it is a fun excuse to think about the people in our lives who we are thankful for; a great day to call the grandparents, a day to hang out with the kids doing something together, a day to have coffee with a friend who has been there through thick and thin; a nice day to be with people we love.  I like the idea of a day devoted to families and I’m thankful that I now know about it and that I can celebrate again on the ACTUAL Family Day.  I think my husband, kids and I will go eat something yummy and get outdoors.  Will you be celebrating Family Day?  I’d love to hear if you do!

Sunlight in the forest in washington

(PS. I received a gift basket of cookies to review and share but I was not required to review and the ideas here are my own.)

(PPS. National Biscotti Day……..)

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