Rainy Day loves and shopping for America on a Monday

Rainy Day shopping in Seattle on a Monday
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Is there ever going to be another Monday like this one?  One where we all wake up rubbing our blurry eyes after staying up too late watching our DVR taped debates and wonder if we watched Saturday Night Live or some kind of new reality tv series and not real politics in America.  It is hard not to feel dreary on days like this, so I am really thankful that there are so many friends and family sales going on (Bloomingdales sale ends today!  Benefit’s sale ends tomorrow and there is a great one at Osh Kosh too!) to get my mind off of political drama.  I may not be able to change politics in America, but I love that I can stimulate the economy by shopping in my pjs.

This weekend I was so excited to visit my family in Canada for Thanksgiving.  I love when all the cousins get together and it is so nice to see family.  I found some really cute Meri Meri decorations too!  Can you believe how adorable these napkin holders are?

Shopping for thanksgiving decorations

And while I was up in Canada my aunt gave me an sloth tea steeper from David’s Tea.  I absolutely adore sloths and this Canadian tea company has yummy, pretty packaged teas so this was a lovely surprise.

I was also totally surprised to come home to a back to school package from Carmex in the mail.  I get such chapped lips in the winter time so I’m pretty excited to see how their new oatmeal lip stuff helps me get through.  I’m also excited because I am sort of going back to school with a class I’m taking through a partnership with Moms Meet and Udemy-it’s a brain science class-and I’m a little nervous about how it’s going to go.  My fun new Kate Spade pencil case really makes me feel like I’m going “back to school” in style though so now I better do my best!

Carmex back to school

My little niece and nephew started school too and they are at one of these amazing places where they are outdoors all the time.  I was shopping at Target online and saw that their Cat and Jack brand has a durability guarantee so I picked up these leggings to see how they hold up to a lot of play.  I love good quality and adorable kids clothes so I hope these work out.

And as much I love shopping online I wish we could go shopping at Cath Kidston in real life here in America too!  When we were in London, I bought a great waterproof purse that is so perfect for the soccer field and I loved too many things in that store!  Have you been?  Isn’t it adorable?

Soccer mom wear

For the real fashion lovers in Seattle, the most exquisite exhibit just opened up at our Seattle Art Museum.  I attended a press preview the other day and caught an amazing glimpse of the new Yves Saint Laurent the Perfection of Style.  There were so many stunning details in this collection and I am thankful that I’m a member so I can go back again.  I totally think this is the perfect exhibit to bring to Seattle in the fall because our weather is so miserable, the juxtoposition of fashion like this just makes it all more ethereal.  If you are in Seattle, I think it is on until January 8th.

YSL exhibit at the Seattle Art MuseumYSL at the Seattle Art Museum

And if you are shopping a Friends and Family sale today I’d love to hear what you’re buying or if you know if Sephora is having their friends and family soon please let me know! And if you’re a soccer mom I’d love to hear if you have any fabulous finds for keeping warm on the field.  This weekend our games were cold AND wet and I am going to need more things to sustain me through the season.  Happy Monday!

(PS. I received the Carmex lip products and Kate Spade pencil case but was not required to review.  I also am taking a class for Moms Meet through Udemy but the opinions above are all my own. I wish I could go to London again to buy more from Cath Kidston….especially today!)

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