On Bookmarking the Hyatt Regency Bellevue for Christmas or just a weekend staycation from Seattle

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My kids and I were guests of Visit Bellevue Washington during our stay, but the thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own.

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to spend a “mom and me”night in Bellevue Washington with my two 8-year old guys. Because of my husband’s work we spend a lot of time just the three of us, but I’ve only stayed in a hotel with them one other time by myself so we already knew this would be a cool adventure. We love hotels! Bellevue is a quick 30 minutes from Seattle (if that) so it makes for an easy staycation for Seattleites and I knew if I panicked alone with the kids I could easily get home. Our home base for this trip was the Hyatt Regency Bellevue and it’s awesome staying here on a weekend because it has FREE parking which is pretty much unheard of in Seattle. It is also connected by a walking bridge to Din Tai Fung (our favorite dumpling restaurant) and has direct access to Lincoln Square and Bellevue Square mall, so it was awesome to park our car and be able to leave it parked all weekend long. And yes, of course we ate dumplings on this adventure and the kids are bugging me about when they can come back and stay again.

Din Tai Fung with kids

Kidsquest Museum

Now what can a Seattle family do in Bellevue for a weekend? With our car happily parked we could easily walk to Kidsquest Museum. It’s now a short 10 minute stroll from the hotel since it recently moved from Factoria and I’ve heard parking at this museum can be a little difficult so it was really nice not to have to worry about that. I also thought my guys might be a little old for the museum because we haven’t been in ages but the guys loved the water area, the package shipping area and climbing up a big netted playground too so we spent about an hour here and my guys told me they needed a bit more time.

Climbing structure at Kidsquest Museum Water Play area at Kidsquest MuseumPackage delivery machine at Kidsquest Museum

Lego Store and Bellevue Square

The Lego store is in Bellevue Square, and there is no Lego store in Seattle so of course the kids asked begged for time here too. We signed up for a monthly build here once and it was fantastic so I have to remember to do that again and the registration always opens around the 15th of the month.  I know the Microsoft and Apple stores here also have classes so this is one more thing we can do at the mall next time we visit. I loved that there were enough kid-themed stores at Bellevue Square that we could alternate shops for them and me and it was a fun shopping trip for all of us because we all got to see what we wanted.  The Bravern is also within walking distance of the Hyatt Regency and I love Wild Ginger and Trophy Cupcakes there.  We didn’t have time to visit this trip either but I was reminded that we need to pop over there next time too.

Bellevue Art Museum

The Bellevue Art Museum is also near the mall. We have a reciprocal membership with our family plus membership at the Mohai in Seattle so this really is a no brainer to visit, but we keep thinking we’ll go another time so we’ve never been. The next time we visit Bellevue I’ll make sure we go and I’ll let you know how it goes. (Have you been? I’d love to know what you think?!!)

The best thing about staying in Bellevue even though it’s pretty close to home is that the kids really appreciated being able to walk from one activity here to another and rest up in the hotel in between. They liked having a home base and it made our day feel really relaxing and luxurious even though we were so close to where we live.

And with kids a pool is so important so they were thrilled to find out that the Hyatt Regency had a pool too and they had a great time splashing around.  There was an awesome work out room nearby the pool as well that I’ll remember to use next time.

Hyatt Regency in Bellevue with kids

Snowflake Lane

I thought about Christmas time and how I always love coming to see Snowflake Lane  and I realized that staying at this hotel would make it a lot more enjoyable. It is so stressful going from one place to another looking for parking and trying to balance activity and rest-this would be a perfect winter Staycation for a family in the Pacific Northwest.  We could even see part of the road where Snowflake Lane takes place from our room so I think there would be many viewing options from the hotel as well.

We were all in one room for this stay which worked well for us and I also noticed there were one bedroom suites that might be great for families if you want to have a little distance from your kids at night. (I’ve learned to work on my computer in hotel bathrooms while the kids sleep, but it’s nice to know there are more options for families here too.)

Gorgeous Lobby at the Hyatt Regency Belleveu
Lincoln Square

Bridge from Hyatt Regency to Din Tai Fung

In the morning my husband got off work and met us for breakfast at Earls in Lincoln Square which was really easy to get to again because of the cool walking bridge.  From growing up in Canada, I have a permanent fondness for this chain from the motherland so it was awesome knowing that it was really close to our hotel too. I absolutely loved the fireplace wall in this restaurant and this French toast was really delicious and uniquely presented.

French Toast at EarlsEarls Restaurant in Bellevue

After brunch it was easy to walk up to Lucky Strike bowling alley also located in Lincoln Square for a quick game before we left for home. We also thought about walking over to the downtown Bellevue Park to check out the new Inspiration Playground but we were happy with our Bellevue adventure. It was nice being able to leave knowing that we still wanted to see more things and it’s so close we can easily revisit.

(PS. Have you been to Bellevue with kids?  Do you have any favorite places to eat or play?  If you tag your adventures #mybellevue and @visitbellevuewa until August 11, 2017 there is a contest you can enter.)

(PPS. As stated above, my kids and I were guests of Visit Bellevue and were hosted on this trip but the viewpoints in this piece are mine.)



5 thoughts on “On Bookmarking the Hyatt Regency Bellevue for Christmas or just a weekend staycation from Seattle

  1. Oh I love the Hyatt Regency! Ben and I just stayed there and had the most lovely time! I know you were with the kiddos…but I was a fan of the mimosa bar on Friday afternoons! Loved your experience with the kids! xoxo

  2. What a fun adventure! We are over in Bellevue from time to time since it’s just a quick bridge away. We have yet to check out the new children’s museum, so it’s good to hear that your boys enjoyed it! We absolutely LOVE the Bellevue Botanical Garden, though it would be about a 2 mile walk…depending on how adventurous you are (and the weather), it might work! My kids also love playing in the Kids Cove Play area in the mall. 🙂

  3. What a fun idea! I think little staycations like this mean more to kids than we would think, since staying at hotels is fun for them. I remember my mom did this when we were little and we were just so excited to swim in the hotel pool and eat snacks from the vending machines! haha

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