Women’s Small Business Month at Zulily

Zulily celebrates national women's small business month
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There are so many world-renowned businesses that have their roots in Seattle and when I see their names in other places when we travel it’s hard to believe that these companies ever started small. When I drive past the zulily headquarters on the way to Pike Place Market, this business is no different. I remember when this site first started up and I waited in anxious anticipation for the day’s sale to start on a brand I was excited about. I might have been in my pjs or taking a few minutes away from the chaos that was my life with twin toddlers, and it was so exhilarating to grab the deal and have it show up at my door a few weeks later.  I made a lot of great purchases for my kids back when the company was first starting out and I love that zulily comes from our city.

Zulily celebrates National Women's Small Business Month

When I was contacted about something zulily is doing this month, I was all ears. In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month zulily is celebrating women-owned small businesses on its site for four weeks in October.  This month shoppers will have access to 100 women’s small businesses on the site and on zulily’s National Women’s Small Business Month page. zulily will highlight their brand stories, provide a platform to reach new customers and provide resources to help grow their businesses.  I love this idea of community and collaboration and it’s nice to see a local business that’s become a big business help small businesses grow.

I’m really excited to check out new-to-me brands like Sweet Water Decor,  Spoolies and Pottery Avenue.  Reading the stories on zulily about these brands makes me endeared to the women who own them and I love how they are being featured.  Women owned brands will have a designation so you know exactly which brands are being featured, like this one by Allermates.

Allermates, a woman owned business on Zulily

It makes me happy to think that by purchasing from a business like this, I play a small part in helping them grow too.  And who knows?  Maybe some of these businesses that are small today might become the big businesses of the future.

I hope you’ll check them out too!

(Ps I received a gift card to try zulily in exchange for this post and as always, the opinions in it are my own.)

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