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Eating pupus with preschoolers in Maui

March 5, 2013

“Check out these pupus!” I told my husband. “They look pretty yummy and they’re so reasonable!” POOPOOS!  The duo cheered. Oh dear.  Not the kind of pupus I was talking about. But really, I should have cheered too.  Happy hour is the way to go in Maui.  And actually, in so many places we travel […]

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Pancake Toppings Buffet at Portage Bay Cafe (South Lake Union, Seattle)

March 3, 2011

Apparently it was pancake week this week and while we’ve been enjoying lots of pancakes at home lately (thank you Snoqualmie Pancake Mix) I think we owe the guys’ flapjack love to the Portage Bay Cafe.  Our current favorite is the “Dave’s Way” pancake that comes with one egg any style and a trip to […]

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