Eating pupus with preschoolers in Maui

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“Check out these pupus!” I told my husband. “They look pretty yummy and they’re so reasonable!”

POOPOOS!  The duo cheered. Oh dear.  Not the kind of pupus I was talking about.

But really, I should have cheered too.  Happy hour is the way to go in Maui.  And actually, in so many places we travel to now with kids, it’s a nice way to eat at lovely restaurants without annoying the later ‘out on a date’ crowd and it works for us because my guys go to bed so early too.  I love that the added bonus is the happy hour price tag.

Here are some lovely pupus we enjoyed on the beautiful patio at the Seahouse Restaurant on a recent trip to Maui.  They have an extensive and inexpensive happy hour menu (you can definitely make a meal of it!) and my hubby was happy that there were so many vegetarian options as well.

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We also enjoyed early meals at Monkeypod and the Hula Grill.  I think the Hula Grill menu might have been a special one time menu (We had some kind of 3 course menu for about 30 dollars) but the Monkeypod definitely has a happy hour and all three of these restaurants had pretty good ‘keiki’ meals too.

(PS. In Seattle we love the happy hour at Serious Pie.  It’s absolutely amazing.  And Tutta Bella and Thai Fusion also have good ones too.

PPS. that little bag between the drinks and the lettuce wraps is a toy we bought at the Muji Store in Hong Kong years ago.  It’s a mini take along airport and it’s strictly a waiting at restuarants/at airports toy and the guys love it.  Alas, they do not sell it online.)


2 thoughts on “Eating pupus with preschoolers in Maui

  1. I really like the idea of going to “decent” restaurants at happy hour! I’d never thought of that. Having a variety of little things is the perfect type of meal for kids too. Fab idea!

    1. Thanks Jenny:) The guys usually want to eat dinner around 5/530 so we’ve found so many happy hours by accident. But yes, it’s nice to go for food that both the kids and adults enjoy:)

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