Playdate in someone else’s Family Room (SAM Seattle)

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There is one reason why we have a Seattle Art Museum membership for our family right now and I wish I could tell you it was because I wanted my kids to be cultured and appreciate art.  But, it’s not.  It’s because I love this room.

SAM Seattle

I can put my feet up and relax while I watch the kids create.  And tear down.  And create some more.  And knowing it’s in such lovely art house makes me feel happy because I’m in a place of such beauty.  (Even if I don’t get to see much of everything else.)  It’s even more lovely when we get to share this place with friends.

We admire the same types of art.

SAM Seattle

And question its possibilities.

We try to walk.

SAM Seattle with kids

But sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

We are curious about things grownups might overlook in a place full of big names like Gauguin, Warhol and Monet.

We like to make art of our own.

And in true Bohemian spirit we like our adventures to happen by Public Bus.

Which is made better with yummy coffee.

And another brave mommy friend who is exceptionally talented at organizing four squirmy kids in a photoshoot.

Art is meant to be shared and it is definitely lovely that the SAM makes it so easy to share it with kids too.  (Just another reason I heart Seattle so much!)

5 thoughts on “Playdate in someone else’s Family Room (SAM Seattle)

  1. I wish they had a room like that for teenagers, although I can’t imagine what they’d have to put in it. At least there would be no danger of them running anywhere.
    They’d be nowhere near as cute as your group either.

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