Something magical for rainy days in Seattle

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It’s supposed to do a lot of raining in Seattle in the next few days (maybe.  Weather is still unpredictable right?)  So what do we do in this city on rainy days?

We figured out how to turn a giraffe into a unicorn


and we found these cone holders at Seattle City Target


We went to Target to watch the magic cart elevator.  This is what EVERYONE does on rainy days with their kids, right?  I wish we could ride in these carts UP the elevator.


And then we went to the art museum while the kids created art under flying cars (how lucky is it that SAM is across the street from Target and it’s so kid-friendly! I’m also really excited for the Japanese fashion exhibit that opens there next week!)


I researched shave ice makers.  And while the kids had swimming lessons in the rain at the outdoor pool(yes, we only cancel lessons here in Seattle if there’s  lightening-we’re fierce like that.)

I decided that This shave Ice Maker
Is the one and only I want.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 7.59.45 PM

And I’m sure it comes in a big box too, that we can definitely do something fabulous with.
But the hubby disagrees.
He thinks I need to part with the yogurt maker, dehydrator and two pristine ice cream makers that are buried in the garage first….) So I guess it’s time to figure out how to make ice cream.  Or have a garage sale.  Or find something new to dream about.

Because that is what we do here on rainy days.

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  1. I keep hearing you rave about the SAM and we’ve never been 🙁
    Let’s plan an outing there now that the kids are out of school!

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