5 places we want to visit in Seattle this summer

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Goals that are not written down are just wishes - unknown-

For some reason my facebook feed is filled with posts about goals lately and it made me think about the virtual Seattle bucket list the guys and I have been discussing.  And it’s so true that if we don’t actually put these things in writing, we won’t do them because we’ll forget or replace these ideas with other easier or spur of the moment things.  For my own purposes I’ve tried my best to make goals reality by forcing myself to sign up for a baking or cooking class monthly so I actually learn to cook.  And there is no better evidence for the power of putting actions behind words than the magic you see when you online shop.  You press the ‘buy’ button and guess what shows up at your door?  (Sometimes, wishes become reality way too easily this way…..)

Too many packages

And although it feels like we’ve been EVERYWHERE Seattle, here is our BIG 5 for things we want to do and places we want to visit in Seattle this summer that we’ve never done before:

1) Ride the Great Big Wheel.  I’m frankly not a fan of enclosed spaces, especially clear ones that other people can see you freak out in and I heard a lot of awful lore about the Flyer in Singapore getting stuck for 5 hours on a super bright sunny day so they had to install emergency toilets just in case it happens again.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen when we rode it, so maybe we’ll be okay when we ride this new Seattle landmark, if only so I can say I’ve done it and be done with it and maybe get a good picture or two.

2) Red Bus:  I wish we had done this before the boys turned four because now they are 16 dollars each instead of free, but my guys love to ride things and on a sunny day this could definitely be a fun adventure.  I like the idea that you can hop on and off too.

3) Ride the Ducks:  One more riding thing in Seattle that we totally have to do.  I did this pre-kids and it was such a fun ride.  I think the guys will love quacking their way through Seattle and a cool vehicle that turns into a boat is just such a neat invention.  I think this one is going to be my favorite on this list.

We loved it!  Here’s our Ride the Ducks Post!

4) Underground Tour: when we visited Pioneer Square a few weeks ago the hubby told the kids about the underground and how the city of Seattle was built on top of where it used to be.  Anyways, fast forward to the other night when we’re discussing dinosaurs and one of the guys tells me that people had to live underground in Seattle when the dinosaurs were here and that now our city is built on top of where it used to be because they got tired of living underground and when the dinosaurs disappeared we were safe to come above ground again….okay.  We need to do this tour so the professionals can de-bunk this dinosaur myth and get my kids educated about Sir Thomas Crapper instead. (And here is where I need to swoon a little: Oh my goodness, how do I love Pioneer Square so much now!  So many new and cute food options have opened up-Bar del Corso, Il Corvo Pasta and gaba sushi to name a few along with our tried and true Grand Central and Cafe Umbria.  It might just be be my new favorite place in Seattle to explore!)

AN UPDATE: my smart friend Farmer Jayne told me the kids were too young for this one this year so we did the Emerald City Trolley instead.  We also made it to Il Corvo pasta and it was AMAZING!

5)And here is the last one: Great Wolf Lodge.  I am actually dreading going here.  I know the kids will love it because it looks like it was designed with everything that would make a kid scream “I want that, I want that!!!!” in mind. And for someone who has never been curious to see how much fun it might just be to actually sleep at a swimming pool area for a night and knowing how much my senses are going to explode with the smell of chlorine, the cartoony atmosphere, the kid running wild, gift stores with random things emblazoned with pictures of wolves and the sheer expense of it all, I know I’m going to need to bring/find/acquire a lot of wine and chocolate to survive this trip at the very least.

You know I’ll let you know about how this all goes down. ( Any one else have great plans for places to visit in Seattle this summer?  Or maybe some tips to help me survive some of my loftier goals? )

(PS if you’re looking for more Seattle Family Travel adventures, you can check out some of our favorites here!

7 thoughts on “5 places we want to visit in Seattle this summer

  1. Oh I’ve just been informed that #4 might be a little too racey for my guys….we might need to change it to Chihuly Gardens and Glass.

  2. And now we’ve visited Chihuly! I think we also need to add the new Emerald City Trolley (www.emeraldcitytrolley.com) to our list too:)

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