Missed the farm today…

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so I’m posting this pic a friend took of the Bean holding hands with one of her lovely girls at the farm for Wordless Wednesday.  It’s supposed to be wordless, but I’ll forget the significance if I don’t write it down and everyone knows I tend to babble.  It’s freezing cold in Seattle and when we headed to the farm this morning I forgot one of the guys’ jackets and we were already 30 minutes late for our class because of insane traffic and I gave up.  I hopped back in the van and took us to the mall where it was a snotfest and nothing like what I wanted to do-it was so lovely and beautiful outside. This picture is how I would want to remember today-and even though I usurped it from summer, it was just about this sunny when we pulled up and realized that the mission would need to be aborted…easier written than done.

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