Busy Spring Days

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So glad I can finally say it.  Spring is here.  I can almost dig my sandals out of the closet (or maybe get some new ones!)  This year I’m loving these leather flats

from Nordstroms and I can’t wait to go and try them on.  Tory Burch also designed this awesome shirt I’ve already pre-ordered because all proceeds going to helping Japan!

As for the boys we’ve been busy together. We’ve been taking some business calls in our new Fat Tie shirts. (love them-they are adorable, soft and have no tags!)

We tried making a King Cake for Mardi Gras a couple weeks back(inspired by another website: A Little Yumminess):

We had to clean the barn out again at farm school.

We also tried our hand at painting ceramics.

And though this boy looks serene, naps have been a problem.  Just a little bit:)

Oh and if you were wondering about the farm craft we made a few posts back?  It’s here.  This is what Daddy found in the car.

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