Farm, Fuji Bakery and Feeling Domestic

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A perfect morning for the boys and I, is a trip out to our farm. I guess it’s not really our farm, but we feel like it is.  It’s only about a half an hour away from Seattle and we adore Farmer Jayne and the other staff who work there. We take a lot of classes.  And sometimes we get to ride horses, or learn about bunnies.

And sometimes we clean out the barn.  There is seriously nothing cuter than a barn full of kids with mini brooms and rakes.

The shaving pile mountain is a huge hit too.

After the farm we have to go to the Fuji Bakery.

Normally it’s a serene and lovely bakery but I feel like we terrorize the peace for 5 minutes a week so that I can get my pear tart craving, the boys get their milk sticks (a long pastry with cream in the middle) and if we’re there after 12:30pm, a heavenly bread called Shokupan.










The pastries are delicate, delightful and feel like they’re made with love.

And with all this farm and baking goodness, that we keep getting exposed to, I feel like I need to do my part.  I bought a book called “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter” by Jennifer Reese and it offers recipes for things we normally buy and debates the economics and wholesomeness of making your own verses buying it in a store.

Each recipe reads a little like a story and I love the way I’m learning to cook and enjoying the process and pretending that I’m actually reading again.

Today I made tortillas.










Mine were not very pretty.  They were a little thick and chewy and I even burnt a bunch of them.  Not this one though.

The Bean thought they were delicious and devoured two.  (TWO!!!) And I think they’ll make fantastic quesadillas.  I’m filing this one in the “make again” bin.

2 thoughts on “Farm, Fuji Bakery and Feeling Domestic

  1. Haven’t said it in a while, but I really enjoy your blog and it always inspires me … you make it seem simple. BTW — what days do you do Farm School? I was thinking of signing up B&C in March.

  2. Thanks Tracey-you are too sweet:) The girls would love farm school! We’re not signed up for March yet, I’ll email you when I figure out our dates:)

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