Nameless Noodle Store, Window-shopping and a Fancy toilet

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There is a noodle store in Tokyo that was so yummy we went there twice.  But we don’t know what it was called.  All we know is along the way, Leelee climbed all over this chair in front of a store that sold clothes for nursing mothers.

And a block or two later we went down some stairs and voila there it was.  A no-frills noodle store, where you get your tray, say what you want, choose your tempura sides and enjoy.  I wish they had a place like this in Seattle.  (And I wish I knew what it was so I could tell my parents-they’re Tokyo-bound soon.  Another reason I should have studied harder and actually learned to read in Japanese.)

But one surprising thing we found in Seattle that we didn’t see in Tokyo was this toilet.  We found it when I made the guys all go to the Seattle Home Show to get some tips on how to improve our house-it is remote-controlled, plays music, heats up and might be a great toilet training tool.  We were all in awe.  I wouldn’t dare get it for our house though as I think the duo would figure out how to break it in seconds.

I was surprised how entertaining the boys found the home show.  While the hubby and I wandered around deflated and overwhelmed by all the things we would have to do to make our house more liveable, the boys were mesmerized thanks to this little giveaway from Ikea. A tape measure.

They wanted to measure everything and the hubby and I were happy they were so entertained.

They were also fascinated by the tractor display. There were at least 10 ginormous tractors and they wanted to sit in each one.  Now that we know what to expect we’ll have to go again next year.  They boys definitely had more energy than we did for this show.  (and if someone knows the name of the Noodle Store, I’d love to know what it’s called.  Thanks!)

4 thoughts on “Nameless Noodle Store, Window-shopping and a Fancy toilet

  1. Those ‘hole in the wall” places are always great finds. We found a few of them in Tokyo especially in some of the subway stations but their food was delicious. That toilet looks awesome! One of my kids’ takeaways from Tokyo is how they have the “best toilets ever” =) Glad to see your boys are getting a bit older and finding ways to entertain themselves.

  2. Actually, what I think is weird, is that store with clothing for nursing mothers. What are all those objects in the window? Breasts? Some sort of breast pump fitting?

  3. Haha, there are so many places in Tokyo that I know “how to get to” but I could never knew the name of. That is very common I think for travelers when they are there. Actually there are plenty of places in Tokyo that don’t even have names! One of these days I’m going to get a Japanese toilet for home here in the US. I try to explain how impressive they are to those who haven’t been and they just look at me strange.

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