Something I don’t get about soccer

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See that guy lying down in the middle of the field?  In other sports you would expect the game would stop, right?  Someone would check to make sure he’s breathing.  You don’t just lie down in the middle of a game unless there’s something seriously wrong.

But in soccer, they let him flop and flail for a few minutes.  The game carries on.  Someone gets a little suspicious when the body stops moving.  I imagine the ref starts to sweat and think maybe this guy’s not acting after all.  Maybe this is serious.  Maybe this is really something awful.  Play is stopped.  A medical person is called to the field.  And then the drama king gets up, smiles and goes back to playing again.  And this happens multiple times during every game.  I don’t get it.  But then I don’t really care about the game-I just go because it’s like we’re at a giant picnic.

And I love the smiles.



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