Baby Airplanes and biking with kids

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Guess what we found on a recent bike ride?  Baby airplanes riding on a train!  There were at least three of them.  The boys were thrilled and so was I.  Only in Seattle is a sight like this not a total suprise, it’s amazing that we have Boeing practically IN our backyard.

And this is my current view when we go biking except sometimes it feels like I’m miles behind.  I chase after the three guys in my running shoes with bandaids in one hand just in case and the other hand over my eyes so I don’t have to see the crash.  Thank goodness for all this running training I’ve been doing.  I’m thinking of investing in a megaphone and more first aid classes.  (help!). Do you bike with kids?  And if you’re in Seattle, do you have favorite places you like to ride?

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