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Riding bikes in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam with kids

Bike riding in Amsterdam with kids at the Vondelpark

April 30, 2017

With two 8-year old boys in tow, one of our favorite things to do is go bike riding both at home in Seattle and when we travel.  When we went to Amsterdam in February, we were worried it would be too cold or that the weather would be too rainy but we really wanted to […]

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family rides with kids on bikes

Looking for fall leaves on a family ride (Marymoor Park to Woodinville)

October 8, 2015

As a mom of boys there really is no point asking if we can go get family pictures in the beautiful autumn leaves. This is what will happen: “Awww….mom!” Boy #1 “Awww…mom!!!!” Boy #2 “Do we have too?” Boy #3.  The husband. So instead I ask if we want to bike ride and then I […]

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seattle bikes with kids on Bainbridge Island

When you bike with kids from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and everyone survives

August 26, 2015

Remember the beginning of summer when it seemed like we had forever just to do whatever we wanted to do?  It seems so far away now that school is on the horizon in Seattle and the sky gets just a little darker earlier and eating ice cream cones in the evening means putting on a […]

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Seattle family rides

Another Seattle family ride: Gasworks Park to University Village

July 2, 2015

Call us multi-taskers, but my kids have set me to the task of visiting 50 different parks this summer and they also want to bike ride so we decided to bike from Gas Works Park to some new-to-us park on the Burke-Gilman Trail a few miles past Uvillage. But it was hot.  I was grouchy.  […]

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biking in seattle with kids

When spring comes in February in Seattle

February 9, 2015

If it ever snows here again I swear I’ll fully embrace my Seattle winter uniform (down parka, fleece lined jeans, Ugg boots, lip balm) and try my best not to complain about the cold because it’s almost tropical this year and without our usual blast of freezing weather in February it just feels like something […]

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boating the sunshine coast

A few travel highlights from 2014 while I plan this year’s adventures

January 23, 2015

The hardest part of starting a New Year is saying good bye to the old one, especially if it was a good one and while other people are performing cleanses of the body detox sort, I’m purging my phone of the14000 photos I’ve managed to store there in the past year because I don’t want […]

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building a cabin in the woods near Snoqualmie Pass Washington

A super dark tunnel and a cabin building update

October 1, 2014

Living with boys is not as horrible as I might have imagined if you told me as a high schooler this is how my life would turn out.  It’s actually mostly lovely and I’m getting used to being outdoors more and embracing all that is frogs, dirt and bugs. But sometimes I do feel like […]

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