When spring comes in February in Seattle

biking in seattle with kids
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If it ever snows here again I swear I’ll fully embrace my Seattle winter uniform (down parka, fleece lined jeans, Ugg boots, lip balm) and try my best not to complain about the cold because it’s almost tropical this year and without our usual blast of freezing weather in February it just feels like something is missing.

We visited the mountain this weekend and this is what our windshield looked like when we arrived:

rain on winshield

I barely needed my gloves on the chairlift.

outdoor seattle family

And we actually skied through puddles.

worst winter for skiing in the pacific northwest

rocky patches on the mountain

It feels like spring skiing, except it is only February and we keep visiting the mountain to see how bare it can get before we can’t ski anymore.  We want to ski as much as we can and the mountain is still pretty busy so I don’t think we’re the only ones.  At least all the brown patches help the kids become better at turning because it can be terrifying watching them learn to ski and this is better than watching them fly straight down the mountain.

And it definitely makes it easier to build the cabin in weather like this.  We’ll have a bunch of updates to show you as soon as I get the cabinets, lighting, windows, floors and door details sorted out.  I’m just feeling a little guilty that all that wishing and hoping for the snow to hold off so we could get the roof on backfired on us and now we have a whole season without snow.

scaffolding building a cabin in the woods

(Because of course, we can control the weather with our minds.)

So now we’re trying to embrace the warmth with bike rides any chance we can get.  (A little reverse weather psychology to conjure back the cold.)

biking in seattle with kids seattle biking with kids

I need to figure out how to date-stamp these pictures so we’ll remember that we biked WITHOUT jackets in February this year.

We’ve biked at Alki Beach.

biking in alki beach

And through Fremont along the Burke Gilman Trail and although we had to road-bike on a few streets to get to where we wanted to go, we all survived.  (FYI I am not a calm bike-rider with kids and there may have been a mild panic attack because of all the cars on Fremont bridge.  Biking with two 6-year-olds is not for the faint of heart, but we do what we have to do.)

biking in seattle with kids biking in seattle with kids seattle biking with kids

Because we can’t waste these days.  When is it this beautiful outside in Seattle in February?

And who knows? Maybe it will get cold again.  And things will freeze.  And snow will fall. And we’ll actually have to wear jackets and gloves and drink hot chocolate and freeze on the chairlift and remember we live in Seattle and not in Los Angeles.






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