We have windows! (Cabin building in the Woods, Snoqualmie Pass)

winter cabin near seattle
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While we’ve been a little sad about the lack of the snow in the mountains, it hasn’t been horrible for building and hiking and biking with kids in these wintery months has been so fun because it’s so gorgeous and mild.  If you’ve been following our cabin building progress, we’ve learned that building in the sunshine is way easier than building in snow and we’ve been getting a lot done.

building a cabin in the pacific northwest

We even got our windows in!  (They would have been installed even earlier had we not chosen a painted window trim instead of just a regular one, but this was essential to our design.  I didn’t realize that things like ordering something extra sometimes adds time, so make sure you factor this in if you’re planning something like this too!) northwest cabin building modern ski cabin in the northwest

I think this will be my favorite nook to sit in and read.

buidling a cabin near seattle

And I’m loving how our architect made it feel like the outdoors are indoors (but kept it outdoors…exactly where it belongs!)

We’ve been looking at all things cupboard, and I was pretty impressed with Ikea’s new kitchen line called Sektion, but I’m also interested in using green and locally based cupboard manufacturers too, and Green Home Solutions has a lot of “built in Washington” options that I like.

We had to figure out all our appliances in order to figure out our kitchen design and although I really wanted a Smeg or Big Chill retro-ish fridge or stove, the hubby convinced me that those do not fit the theme of our northwest cabin and I’m pretty happy with what we’ve chosen.  I loved the service we received at Metropolitan Appliances and if you’re shopping for appliances in Seattle I totally would recommend shopping there!

So I hope you’re out and about and making the most of the sunshine we have here.  I’m looking for tiles and bathrooms next, so if you’re building or remodeling too, I’d love to hear your ideas! (Especially if you’re in Seattle or the Northwest!)


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