Why I need a whole new bedroom now thanks to my mattress

Tuft and Needle Seattle
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I am going to have to overhaul my bedroom.  This all started with an invite I received in my email from Tuft and Needle for the opening of its brand new Seattle store.  This online mattress company from Phoenix was coming to Seattle and wanted influencers to check out their new brick and mortar store in downtown Seattle right near Pike Place Market. Tuft and Needle sells the type of mattress that you check out on a website and buy online and it arrives in a box and you open the box and a mattress births itself in your home.  (Well kind of like that-it’s beautiful!)  It’s amazing that nowadays we can order an investment like a mattress online and then it comes and lives in your house forever.  I have to admit I was a little hesitant to go this route when I bought a bunch of ‘traditional’ mattresses for the cabin a few years ago.  I really wish I’d heard of Tuft and Needle back then-I probably would have saved a lot of dollars and time.

You don’t really think about needing a mattress when you already have one, but I started thinking about how long the Huz and I have had ours….we have been married 15 years this year and our current mattress, was well, 15 years old.  It has traveled with us from California to Seattle and I think it’s lived in four houses.  At some point it even survived a bottle that got wedged in between our boxspring and the wall in the early days of twins and we ended up having to dispose of the boxspring because it was unsalvalgable.  When are you supposed to replace your matress anyways?  Does anyone really know? So I was excited that I would get to try out a new mattress too!

Beautiful Bedroom Set up at Tuft and Needle  Tuft and Needle Showroom in Seattle

When we went to Tuft and Needle I was expecting to hang out and learn about mattress things.  I was expecting to have to choose between different levels of thickness and thinness or whatever else you usually think about when buying one but don’t really care about on a daily basis when you sleep but all of a sudden need to know RIGHT NOW when you go in a traditional mattress store.  Most of these things usually correlate with big dollar signs too.  I know when we bought our other mattresses we just looked at the prices of the different store brand mattresses and went with the middle one hoping we wouldn’t get the lowest quality but did not want to  splurge for something we didn’t quite understand or need.  Tuft and Needle is easy because you just choose your mattress size and they’ve researched what most people like in a mattress and that’s how they seem to have created theirs. It’s even a really beautiful store and it’s not cluttered with a ton of mattresses that are piled up waiting to be sent somewhere else.  The space is calming and restful and it made me realize that I need to up my room game to bring our family more peace.

Checking out mattresses at Tuft and Needle Hate list on the wall at Tuft and Needle

At Tuft and Needle I learned about innovation. I love people who take a hate list of things that drive people crazy in an industry and create beauty from that.  The guys that made this new mattress have created something really wonderful because they took all the things that people don’t like about mattress buying and mattresses in general and they made a product that seems pretty reasonably priced and well made.  They have many ways of buying it online and the new showroom in Seattle is great for people who are a little wary of not seeing the mattress in person.  I was away in California when my mattress arrived so it gave my husband enough time to get rid of our old mattress (In Seattle many places will not take mattresses as old as ours to repurpose so we had to pay around $25 to get it removed by the city.)

We dragged the box from our doorstep area to our bedroom.  I documented the birth of our mattress on Instagram stories so I’ve saved of my pics to share with you:

Tuft and Needle Mattress Box Arrives  What does the Tuft and Needle Mattress look like rolled up?  What does a queen size tuft and needle mattress look like out of the box

Within minutes we had a usable mattress.

How to unroll Tuft and Needle Mattress

Tuft and Needle Mattress Starts out Flat

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

We are now a few weeks into owning this mattress and whether it was because my previous mattress was really old, or maybe I’ve been really tired lately, or maybe this new mattress is actually quite delightful, I know I’ve been sleeping really comfortably and well these past few weeks.  Tuft and Needle also sent me home with sheets and a pillow and I’ve noticed that the pillow keeps ending up on the other side of the bed so I will probably need to buy another one for someone for Christmas. I’ve also been curling up to read in my room a little more now and I’ve noticed that my bed, my bedroom set and the RED walls in my bedroom now need serious thought.  This might be something to be aware of if you decide to change your mattress too.  I’ll let you know how things go over the next few months!

(PS. As stated before, I received a mattress from Tuft and Needle as well as a sheet set and pillow and as always the opinions and writing above are my own.  We are now considering buying the bed Tuft and Needle just started making.  Thankfully there’s a waiting list so we’re not doing anything too quickly but I love the idea of heritage quality for a decent price….)

(PPS.  The box makes such an awesome fort.  It’s also been living in our basement for the past couple weeks and the duo won’t let us get rid of it…..)


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