Three of us on the beach in the rain

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There’s a horrible saying that bad things come in threes and I would love that kind of horrible omen to just disappear.  I’ve been trying to will something magically wonderful to happen and yesterday’s lovely thing came to us on a beach in Seattle all on its own.

We were on our way to meet friends at a beach, except we got lost.  Very lost.
I gave up and went to a different beach nearby.
As I explained my stupid mistake to our friends on the phone and Bean snored away, Leelee started yelling that he could see a seal.
Yeah right, kid. You can see a seal from the van.
But sure enough, when we got out there it was.  (And the seal sitters had already been notified and were protecting it don’t worry).

It even smiled.

Beach day with a smiling baby seal on top in Seattle

And though we had no jackets or rainwear (the Bean got the shirt of my back) and the rain just looked like it would get worse, we spent a few minutes basking in the rain on the beach.

Seattle beach day with kids

Because we were there.

Does Seattle have a beach?
And in the last week of summer I realize how much I’ll miss these guys when school starts.
And that’s a magically wonderful feeling I know I’ll keep with me for awhile.

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