When you go bowling with friends and it’s awesome


September 14, 2013 by Terumi

kids bowl free in the summer

I’m beginning to think that West Seattle needs to get added more frequently to our “where should we go today” list.  We used to go there quite often when the boys were little but we haven’t been much lately.  And then we accidentally ended up there a little while ago and saw a baby seal! Our most recent visit was the absolute best.  We went bowling with a little friend who already has his own bowling ball, shoes and perfect bowling form.


I was in awe.


And I love love love bowling shoes.  This bowling alley was pretty fabulous too.


And then our little friend’s mom said something to me that made the day perfect.
“We go to a place near here that has pretty yummy milkshakes.”


Hello Luna Park Cafe!  Why have I never been here?  Not only do they have divine milkshakes, but they have a Batmobile, some kitschy machines with crack-open-the-ball toys and a mildly creepy dancing clown.  Instant love.



I had the Banana Split milkshake this time.  I may be a bowler forever now.


And so might these guys.


(PS. Thanks M and L for such a fun adventure!  This one is definitely going to be a repeat.)



  1. Michelle says:

    Hooray! Linc has been begging to do it again since 😉 Perfect “Winter in Seattle” day trip, eh?

  2. […] box for next week’s activity because the boys are addicted to all things bowling since we went in West Seattle and looking at this week’s weather forecast, it may just be in our cards again […]

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