Boxes of Fun on a Monday

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Happy Monday!  Scores of boxes arrived at our house last week so I thought I’d better update on a few of them.  If you’ve been reading a while you know I’m already totally addicted to my monthly Birchbox but I got an email that I recently received my 21st box!  I think there are few things as absolutely wonderful if you love makeup and at 10 dollars (or less if you sign up for the year) a month, it’s an absolute steal.  I’ve been collecting a bunch of the used boxes and by next year, I’ll probably have enough to make my own advent calendar.

This year though I’m quite taken care of because my make up advent calendar arrived but I’m terrified that if I take it out of it’s delivery box I’m going to be too tempted and peek at it, so I’m waiting at least until the boys’ advent calendars arrive too so we can all keep each other in check until December.  (Theirs are Lego and I bought them at and I think this was the cheapest place to buy two because they had an additional 5 dollars off 50 dollars and free shipping.)

I also bought a bunch of craft kits from Darby Smart and my sisters and I had fun making the dinosaur ring dishes this weekend.

darby smart dinosaur kit


They turned out really cute and it was fun to just sit and chat and craft.  I also noticed that they also have a purse party kit and I think this would be so fun for a girl’s night in!

The guys were not left out of the crafting process because Eye Can Art sent me a collage print kit and we had fun cutting and rolling out some neat ink prints.


I love that I (yes, not just the guys) learned a new art technique and that all the supplies were included (I just wish there was a tray for the paint but I just used paper plates and they worked just fine.) And now that we have some new art skills, we’re totally going to try this technique on t-shirts!  (FYI-I saw a bunch of different Eye Can art kits in Clover Toys in Ballad this past weekend and I think they would make fabulous Christmas presents for crafty kids.)


I also picked up the KiwiCrate Antarctic Adventure box for next week’s activity because the boys are addicted to all things bowling since we went in West Seattle and looking at this week’s weather forecast, it may just be in our cards again soon!

And this one didn’t arrive at my house but my sister says my dog nephew has been receiving his Barkbox subscription and is loving it.  I love that I can send this up to Canada too!


All these boxes would make fabulous Christmas presents and I’m totally checking my lists to see if anyone else I know would like them too!

(PS. FYI Eye Can Art sent me a kit but I’ve been intrigued by them for a while now and I was not obligated to review it and of course these opinions are my own.)

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