Where to bike with kids in Seattle

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This is actually more of a question than a solution. We have two active boys who love to ride their bikes but it is so hilly in Seattle.  Our streets have a lot of traffic and the park near our house doesn’t have enough trails for them to ride.  So where does one bike with little kids in Seattle?  We’ve tried a few places like along the waterfront downtown, or on the trail near the Fremont canal, or in Magnolia near Maggie’s Bluffs.

But on a sunny weekend, biking with still-shaky-on-their-bike-kids can be really stressful.

bike with kids in seattle

I found that out at Greenlake when I took my guys there last week because it was like biking on a highway full of strollers, dogs and people everywhere.  We love Greenlake because it has a great playground, there is free parking and the 3 mile ride takes under 30 minutes even with stops to peek at ducks and turtles and eat snack. But there has to be way more bike rides out there, right? And I’d love to expand our biking trail knowledge now that I have a bike.  Does anyone have some favorite places to go?  I’d love to hear!  Happy Weekend!

(PS. we’ve found a bunch more trails since this post and our early days of biing-the guys are now confident on their bikes and I love to look back on these posts and remember how much they’ve learned over the years.  Greenlake was a great start and so is the trail to Maggie’s Bluffs.  Now the kids can ride to Bainbridge Island and Woodinville.  I’m excited to see how our family continues to bike in the future.  They are determined to one day bike to Bremerton and Vancouver BC.)

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