Berry Picking and a recipe

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Every month I get a ton of magazines and one of my favorites is Sunset Magazine, so when a friend asked me to go berry picking a couple weeks ago, I thought it would be the perfect way to try out this recipe for a buttery raspberry lemon cake from the July issue.  The boys love the lemon cake from Starbucks so I thought they would enjoy the taste of the recipe and they might also like to help scatter the berries in the batter.

The berry picking adventure happened on a pretty hot day with four boys who were not totally into picking berries.  Somehow we managed to get a decent amount but my friend and I definitely had to work for it and it was not the picturesque kids-beautifully-plucking-berries-and-skipping-in-the-fields trip you would pin to Pinterest.  (At one point there were 4 boys throwing what I’m sure was manure.  There was also a major group trip to an *ugh* outhouse, which was surprisingly clean.)

It was nice to plop down in a gooey mess of goldfish, berries and cold drinks when we were all done.

And when we got home, the work in the kitchen began.

I did most of the batter preparation while the boys tried to devour the contents of the lemon curd jar.  (One bonus of the recipe is that they now know what lemon curd is.)  They enjoyed selecting berries and pushing them (not scattering, but it turned out just fine) into the batter.

And when the cake was finished, it looked a little like what I saw in the magazine.  And it tasted delicious.  I ate mine with vanilla bean ice cream.  The boys liked theirs plain with milk.

And the hubby seized the rest of the berries to make an ugly pepto-bismol-like mash with his ice cream and ate it with the cake.

Ugh. Boys.

(PS. Next year, I think my friend and I will berry pick without the kids.  We may even bring champagne.)

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