Getting ready for September

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The guys are finally old enough for small chores around the house, so one thing that I get them to do is help with making lunch to get ready for preschool.  The other day I had them make the peanut butter/banana sandwiches we were going to take for a picnic and something about the smell and the cool breeze blowing through the kitchen at the time reminded me that September is going to be here so fast.

They delegated their tasks and Leelee was in charge of spreading peanut butter and Bean supervised making sure that the peanut butter was spread properly.  I’m not sure why they had to wear medals (does anyone know why 4-year olds do the things that they do???) but I’m so thankful they make such a good team.  When they were babies I remember how even the smallest task seemed so hard for the three of us to accomplish-it feels like we’ve finally reached the golden age for twins when the two are the best of friends and I’m so thankful they can finally start helping around the house and getting themselves ready for the day too.

(PS we put honey in our peanut butter banana sandwiches and that part of this activty ended the golden age for the day. Honey and preschoolers = one sticky mess.)

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