Compost Krispies: a post-camping snack

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After camping we always come home with a 3/4 full bag of marshmallows that are not fit to be used as actual marshmallows anymore.  Unfortunately we had no actual crispy rice cereal in the cupboard and I wasn’t sure what else you can do with marshmallows.  I’ve seen so many yummy compost cookies on the interwebs that I thought why not do it with all the little bags of half-eaten not-cripsy-rice cereal from camping hiding in my cupboard.

camping with kids in the pacific northwest

For a 3/4 full bag of marshmallows we used about 3 tbsp of butter and melted it all in a big pot.  We added a quarter cup of toasted almonds and cereal to make about 4 cups of dry ingredients.  (I had Cinnamon Life Cereal and Fruit Loops, the guys vetoed the Raisin Bran, but really the sky your cupboard is the limit. These are compost crispies after all.)  Today’s finished product: cinnamon-y, fruity, toasty nutty cereal bars.

what to make with leftover marshmallows

Goodness knows it’s probably not healthy, but oh so tasty.  And who ever comes home from camping without a half-empty bag of marshmallows? (And almonds are a little good for you, right?)

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  1. Creative kitchen skills always come in handy–why not use up all the old cereals in your cupboard? They’re much better enveloped in sticky sweetness, anyway!

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