Three great reads for a mom of twins

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Take note, mommas of baby twins: 4 truly must be the magic number you need to get to with your duo because this summer I actually read books again.  Real, beautiful and meaty books and not just fairy tales or fluffy books or books that make you turn shades of pink if you read them in public.  So, bookmark this list and get back to surviving.  If you’ve made it to 4 here are some books that really spoke to me as a mom of twins this summer:

Bringing up Bebe: by Pamela Druckerman I bought this one because I really enjoyed reading Tiger Mom and this book seemed to garner the same sort of public backlash and it made me curious.  I finished it just before I went to Paris and it made me take note of the behaviors I noticed by kids around me and it made me think about the ways I treat my own kids.  I loved how Pamela Druckerman created such a neat lens for examining parenting and as a traveling momma I do love to think about how kids are raised in different countries and this book gave such fascinating insight into French culture. (PS Pamela Druckerman I do hope you write a parent’s guide to visiting Paris, I’d love to hear the places we should visit!!)

I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag by Jennifer Gilbert.  I remember reading an excerpt from this book in a magazine and it just gave me chills-I love reading memoirs and this one is truly brave.  I also love goodie bags, parties and giveaways and this book really made me question some of my values and encouraged me to think about the ways I can celebrate life.

Where we Belong by Emily Giffin: Oh I heart Emily Giffin and I think I’ve read everyone of her books.  This one just spoke to me as a mom, and I know I cried reading part of it, like full on sobbing on the airplane kind of crying and it just was one of those books I was sad when it was finished but thankful that it was done.  I wish I could read it brand-new again.

And a bonus: Father’s Day: Buzz Bissiniger (He’s the author of Friday Night Lights….oh Tim Riggins!) This will probably be my last summer read, but I do love the twin dad perspective and this is another brave brave novel.  I’m only about a quarter of the way in, but I love the heart in it and there was an expert about NICU’s in the early 1950’s that just made me gasp.

PS.  It looks like I’ll be reading more this fall, thank you preschool.  Anyone have any book loves???  I’d love to hear, please share.

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