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Anyone else keep thinking it’s September, or even August with all this beautiful weather?  I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month ago since I guest-posted on the Verity Mom blog about my September resolutions, but so far, I’m doing my best to stick to them.

For instance, I have not bought any Halloween candy.  It’s October 8th and I HAVE NOT BOUGHT ANY HALLOWEEN CANDY!!  And while I have bought some yummy Max Brenner chocolates and some from Jean-Phillipe Patisserie in Vegas, and some delightful chocolate-y pumpkin spice caramels at the Confectionery in Uvillage (this is definitely the sweetest little candy store in Seattle and you can now get them on Amazon fresh too) there are still no mega packages of mini almond joys in this house.  That’s will-power right?

I’ve also been keeping my word about running.  I didn’t realize how busy the route I picked near preschool was so I adjusted it slightly but between running and the gym, I’m seriously trying to be healthy this fall. (I need to with all the sweets you consume with little guys in tow!)  I’m even making sure the kids get every last second they can on the park.  (And you know how much I’m terrified of going to the park!)

Reducing clutter has also become top priority in our house and I have called nearly 10 companies that currently send me their catalogs.  Somehow 5 new ones showed up this weekend, though.  It’s so hard to make them stop.
But the not buying anything day? How is that even possible???  It totally hasn’t happened yet. Blame it on the Internet, Christmas coming, all the friends and family sales (rumor has it Sephora’s happens next week, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping), changing weather, stressful days and happy days, but at least I’m stimulating the economy, creating jobs and promoting world peacefulness in the process.  That’s got to count for something, I think.

(PS. today is Canadian Thanksgiving, so we started the morning by making crust for our pumpkin pie.  I think the resolutions we’re going to think about for the next little while are thankful ones, there are definitely so many things in life to be grateful for and I need to make sure I share this with my guys.  Anyone have any ideas for how to teach thankfulness to preschoolers?

PPS Thank YOU for stopping by.)

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  1. I have this lovely app called Gratitude! — my favorite part was that you could pick a photo from your albums to represent what you were grateful for on that day. Maybe the boys don’t need the app, but just a space on the wall to tape up a picture of what they are grateful for. The tape alone should be a big hit.

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