10 things I’m loving this Daylight Savings Monday

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1. I used to loathe this day more than any other day in the world because there is nothing worse than waking up early-especially when you know that whatever time you’re waking up today would have given you one extra hour the day before.  But now that I have guys that always wake up early, today was beautiful.  I ‘slept in’ until 7:30am.  So for me, there is nothing more heavenly than today.

2.  If that wasn’t enough sunshine to pour on myself this Monday morning I totally wasn’t feeling into the gym today and I was seriously ready to pack it in when my favorite song “Living on a Prayer” started playing. Thank you universe for this sign!  I grabbed my things and ran out of there.  You can’t argue with karma.  (Some of you may have thought it wasn’t a sign to leave but a sign to keep going.  Blech. Thank goodness this is my story.)

3.  You might have noticed that I didn’t post much last week. That’s because it was my parents’ 60th extravaganza that you’ll now be hearing about forever.  I have posts in the works about how to make your own giant pull-string pinata and a list of all my favorite party supply stores.  Today you can look at the party pic that is giving me the most joy:


This is my 88 year old Grandpa at his daughter’s 60th.  I swear he’ll be at mine too-he’s amazing.

4. And I have about a zillion pics of my sweet puppy nephew.  My sis prefers his full name: Jonathan, but I didn’t have time to write the whole thing AND make him sit down too.  He is the sweetest.


5.  And today is teasing sunshine.  We keep getting little flashes of glorious sun in the house then it hazes over and becomes grey but we’ll totally take it as a sun day.  When it’s sunny in Seattle especially after weeks of rain and cold everyone is smiling.  Even when they had to get up so early on a Monday. (Today is a perfect Pike Place Market day.  We might have to go and watch some cheese being stirred. )

6.  We saw some boys playing at Garry Point Park in Steveston yesterday and they figured out how to make a seesaw out of a giant log.  I am thankful today that my guys are not yet big enough to do this kind of thing yet.


They are big enough to carry their own jackets, however, and I’m so glad the hubby figured out this great way to get them to carry them on their own.


7. Our next getaway is to Mexico and we haven’t been there in so long.  I’m looking for fun things to do in the Mayan Riviera so I would love some suggestions if you have some!

8. There is a really cute scarf on Brickyard Buffalo this morning.  If I empty the dishwasher and unpack some clothes I think this will be my reward.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 10.21.18 AM

9. I’m wondering if it’s too early to start planting pumpkin seeds yet?  The guys are already talking about growing giant pumpkins.

10. And somehow it suddenly became a week until St. Patrick’s Day.  I found some yummy looking shamrock shaped noodles at Costco of all places and I’m so excited to make something fun with these sweet supplies.  And I guess I need to get an obligatory Shamrock Shake.  Such is life.


Happy Monday.  At least we get to go to sleep one hour earlier tonight!

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