Photo Friday: Why Carry-on Suitcases are a good idea with kids in tow

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On our last trip, the cost of checking our family’s luggage round-trip was going to be almost as much as one of of our airplane tickets.  Since we weren’t going that far, we decided to try bringing carry-ons for the whole family and save a little bit of money.  We didn’t take public transportation this time, but parked at M-park at the Seattle airport because we were arriving and departing at the airport at night.  (This place is an awesome place to park.  You don’t leave your keys and their shuttles are quick to pick you up and drop you off.  We’ve used it several times now and been impressed every time.)

The guys rolled their own Samsonites (their luggage of choice) and we carted ours, their travel car-seats.  When we were through the gates It slowed us down a little bit but it also kept the kids occupied with something to do.

Suitcases and traveling with small kids

The nicest thing about carting all that luggage was something totally unexpected.  We didn’t realize we were bringing along a play-pen.  When we found an uncrowded section of the airport to set up camp, it was really sunny and we had so many suitcases we were able to create shade and ultimately a fabulous place for the kids to play.  The kids had fun playing by our feet with some new bowling toys we bought at Muji San Francisco.

Muji store in San Francisco

I’m so glad we found the Muji Store in San Francisco and I hope we get one here in Seattle soon.  It has the coolest kitchen gadgets and stationery as well as comfy socks and soft, stylish clothes. When we visited the Muji stores in Asia, we found fantastic travel toys, kids’ products and a bountiful selection of candy and treats.  There weren’t a lot of these things in the Muji San Francisco store and I wish we had could even just order them in their online store in the USA.

(PS. While I’m on a rant about wants and loves, I love that airports allow you to check carseats free for kids, but it would be really awesome if they would check their carry-ons for free too since they’re so little and pay the same as a grown-up ticket!)

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    1. We’ve done it twice now-once to Vegas and once to San Francisco. It’s not my favorite way to travel but it’s so convenient having everything. It’s easier too if you have pre-check.

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