An inexpensive and adventurous way of getting to the airport

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Sitting at the bus stop near our house I got a text from my neighbor that went something like: “omg my hubby just saw you at the bus stop-we could have totally given you a ride to the airport!!”
And as much as that was so totally sweet and we probably looked ridiculous sitting there with a pile of suitcases, this stop was totally part of the day’s plan.  We’ve had rides to the airport, we’ve taken town cars, parked our own car and we even had a Shuttle Express ride that took us on a way too long scenic adventure through the city.

This time we were taking the bus and the light rail: an adventure that would cost around 10 dollars and hopefully work off the guys’ energy for our red-eye flight.
The neat thing about taking a train is that it’s totally entertaining and we saw so many things we’ve never seen before because of this new route.



But it is a little hard maneuvering luggage through downtown Seattle and I thought we’d see a lot more people using the light-rail with suitcases on the weekend.  I think we were the only ones.  I’m thankful that the guys chose some pretty easily manageable suitcases.  (Yes, Samsonite-we went with you guys!).  We also had more luggage than we usually do because we had two different kinds of trips: a business type trip for the hubby in Atlanta where the weather was supposed to be rainy and cold and a beach/snorkel/sand trip to Cancun where it would be 80 degrees everyday.  But even with that much luggage, this trip was easy enough I’d do it again during the day.  I’m not sure how busy the light rail stations are at night and how safe they’d feel with kids and luggage in tow.  But during the day, this is definitely a fun, easy and inexpensive way to get to the airport.  (The guys don’t want to do it any other way anymore.)

(PS. the hubby swears by One bus Away for getting on buses easily through downtown Seattle.  It always lets you know when the next one is coming.

PPS. Because some of the things we brought for the first leg of our journey would not be useful on the second, we actually sent a box of it home through USPS.  This lightened up our suitcases and the stuff arrived with our mail hold packages when we got back home.)

4 thoughts on “An inexpensive and adventurous way of getting to the airport

  1. What a great adventure before the official adventure began! I always get nervous because of car seats. How to transport the luggage and the car seats for once we arrive at the destination. Otherwise we would take the train to Portland vs drive.

    1. I think it would have been harder if we had our carseats. This time we rented car seats with our car at our destination because we wouldn’t need a car for our whole trip.

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