Three food finds on a Monday in Seattle

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Anyone else suffering a case of the lazy Mondays?  This morning I was a little exhausted-we had a big party for the hubby’s work yesterday so I just let the kids add to the weekends’ mess tornado in my living room and now I’m trying to pick myself out of it and I thought I’d share some of the food finds we’ve had lately. One of my favorite finds were some compostable plates I bought for the party from a company called Susty Party.

Compostable dinner ware is one of my most fabulous food finds

It’s compostable but stylish and I know I’ll be buying it again.  We also tried Il Corvo pasta for the first time on Friday and I will have to restrain myself from going back weekly.

Il Corvo is one of Seattle's fabulous food finds

I wish I could say my fancy veggie filled pasta dish was my favorite (and it was definitely good) but I kept sneaking bites from my guys’ butter and cheese.  There is nothing more heavenly than fresh pasta like this and it’s such a bonus when it isn’t very expensive.  The foccacia is what I imagine cotton candy would be if it was in the bread family.

Another delightful thing we found was at the Pike Place Market.  I love going there for their flowers-it’s amazing what you can get for only a handful of dollars.  (I think this bouquet was just $5!)


As my sis and I perused all the market shops for things we needed for my party we found an amazing yogurt stand.  It looked like it was selling gelato or fancy ice cream with neat toppings, but it was yogurt.  YOGURT!  Now for all the fabulous food finds in Seattle, we now have a yogurt stand!  We tried a lemon curd, passion-fruit, coffee and a few more and brought some to take home.  I have never seen any stand like this before and I hope places like Ellenos are a growing trend.

Ellenos yogurt is one of Seattle's fabulous food finds

As for today, I’m buying JCrew (it’s their last day for their 25% of 150 sale) and researching for an too-quickly-approaching trip to Japan and Singapore.  Oh, and I guess I’m cleaning too.  Don’t you wish there was an app for making mess disappear?  Happy Monday!

(PS. notice the pics of my sis and dog nephew?  So happy she and her hubby “uncle Roo” were here for a visit and to help me with my party!)

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