Easy French Toast for your weekend

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Sunny weekend mornings need yummy breakfasts and this is the type of recipe for easy French toast that doesn’t really matter if you add a little bit too much or too little of anything.  We usually use leftover potato bread from either Macrina Bakery or Tom Douglas, but I’ve even used sliced bread and it wasn’t horrible.  And when you’re cooking with kids, it’s often the process and good toppings that make a yummy breakfast because you’re flying by the seat of your pants anyways.

Easy french toast with kids

The other day the kids asked me to make this, but I told them they needed to make it themselves.  5-year olds can do most of the mixing/getting/cracking but I still do the frying pan part or heavily supervise them and let them attempt flipping.

If you have bread you can make this if you also have:

4 eggs

1 1/4 cup milk

a teaspoon of oil

a tablespoon of honey

a cap full of vanilla

Making easy French toast with kids

While the kids are mixing these all together in a big bowl melt a little butter in the fry pan and then turn the heat down to medium/lowish.  Dip a slice of bread in the batter until it’s coated and then cook each side a couple minutes.  Make sure that the middle isn’t runny and then it’s cooked.  Repeat the bread dipping/cooking process until you run out of bread or batter.  (Isn’t this the way it goes?)

I served our french toast    with frozen blueberries that I just reheated until they were soft, whip cream and maple syrup.  We also love toppings like lemon curd, pumpkin butter, toasted almonds and yogurt which I try to keep on-hand for impromptu breakfasts like these.


(PS. I think this was originally an Alton Brown recipe, but we ended up having to add more eggs because there are two kids and each one wanted the same amount.  So if you are particular about how your recipe turns out, I’d definitely use that one.)

(PPS. I probably would have included bananas and cinnamon whip cream as topping too, but someone posted about terrifying deadly banana spiders the other day, and I can’t stop thinking about them.  Oh the horror!)


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