New to us Seattle Restaurants with kids

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We’ve been in a family restaurant rut lately.  Though we love our usual haunts, the Spaghetti Factory, Red Robin and Boom Noodle have been so over-used in our rotation lately that I can’t imagine going back to them anytime soon. (And we love them). Thank goodness we spent some time this past week venturing out and trying some new places.

The Bean especially liked a dinner we had out at a cute little Italian place called Mondello. I loved the atmosphere and my roast chicken was lovely.  My little guy really adored the sauce on his noodles and thinks we need to go back to practice Italian before we go to Italy in the new year.

mondello restaurant

Leelee enjoyed his meal at the new Ballard Skillet.  They are very welcoming to children (their kids’ menu is even online) and the ‘huck’, a grilled cheese and French fries is a favorite. I love that Parfait (a delicious ice cream I used to buy at the farmer’s market) has a new storefront next door so we can make a multi-course adventure the next time we go.

We all enjoyed a fantastic meal at Bitterroot. I think it’s southern BBQ even though it says it’s Northwest BBQ but I enjoyed my yummy catfish with Brussels sprouts and cheesy grits. Everything comes on cool baker trays and I had a ‘swizzle’ drink in an adorable mug.bitterroot swizzle bitterroot ballard

I didn’t get to try the cornbread even though we had three orders of it because my guys inhaled it.  There isn’t a kids’ meal but the guys shared a macaroni and cheese with peas mixed in and munched on our food too.  We walked in and there was a 15 minute wait, and they don’t take reservations but I love that they take phone numbers and sent me a text when our table was ready so the boys could have a fun time shopping at nearby Clover Toys with their grandparents. (The toys the grandparents bought also helped make this a lovely experience.  Thanks tons you guys!)

bitterroot restaurant ballard

And this last one isn’t a restaurant but a bakery and I’m so glad we managed to pop into Byen Bakeri (We love nearby Thai Fusion and so we’ve watched this one get built.) and we picked up some delicious pastries (I think mine was something like a cronut).  It reminded me of a little Scandinavian bakery from my neighborhood growing up and I know we’ll be going back. I noticed they also sell bread too.

byen bakeri seattle

It was fun shaking things up a bit.  I can’t believe how many restaurants there are in Seattle and these adventures reminded me that there is no excuse to do stick to the same routine all the time.

(Ps. We stopped in at uvillage and I’m so excited for all the new restaurant and shopping options opening there too! Din tai Fung? Joeys? Can’t wait!!)
(Pps thank goodness for running.  Any tips for keeping up with exercise in the holiday season?)

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