I washed my face with oil and I liked it

kari gran cleansing oli sample set
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A couple weeks ago a friend at my kids’ gym class passed me a sample kit from a Seattle-based skincare company called Kari Gran.  “I LOVE this stuff!” she said.  “Have you heard of cleansing oils?”

kari gran cleansing oli sample set
Yes, yes, I have.  They’re in all of my magazines lately, and I was definitely skeptical.  I have combination (leaning to OILY!) skin and the thought of spreading oil ALL over my face and scrubbing it in just sounded like the most counter-productive thing to do.  But I’m always up for trying new things and the hubby has banned me from buying new products for a while until I use up what I have so this definitely sounded like a way to get around this predicament and this friend sounded like she really liked this stuff too. (FYI-This is just ONE of my makeup drawers we cleaned out at the end of last year in this post I did about a new year’s cleanse for MYDAILYBUBBLE so I have a LOT of using-up to do.)

Anyways, I actually enjoy using this cleansing oil/tonic/serum team.  I’ve been using it with my Clarisonic and I haven’t re-eloctrocuted myself yet this year, so I’m pretty happy.  And maybe because it takes a little bit of extra time to take the oil off than just regular soap, I’ve been enjoying my face-washing routine a little more.  My favorite is this tonic stuff because it feels nice on my face.  And I don’t feel overly shiny but I do feel a little bit more of a glow and I’ve even been tempted to go *gasp* without makeup because my skin feels nice.

So we’ll see what my skin care trainer at Skoah says when I go back next month. (Skoah is my favorite Canadian skin-spa and it’s FINALLY in Seattle and I’ve been there a couple times now and I love it too!) I’m totally making my skin a priority this year and I can’t believe that I’m using an OIL to help me do it!

(PS. thanks P for the product-you were right, it’s pretty amazing!)


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