New Year, new Monday wants

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It’s the first Monday of the New Year and I woke up to this beautiful sunrise and the kids and I spent the morning coloring Vancouver Canucks coloring sheets and talking about the Seahawks.  Ugh.  I totally have sports fans in this house.

seattle sunrise

And since it’s so early in the year, the only things I’ve really bought so far have been some hotel bookings on Expedia for an upcoming Vancouver BC trip (and apparently it’s Dine Out week up there from from January 17th-February 2nd 2014 too!) and my first AirBnb booking for a place in Paris.  I’m really excited to get some fun travels started this year!  I’m also definitely trying to buy a little less stuff, so I might start tallying my purchases to actually keep track.  I know a lot of Amazon boxes came through our doorway last year, so maybe I need to reduce some of the things I buy and I’m curious to see how many trucks I filled over the course of 365 days.

I guess one way to reduce is to make use of the stuff I already have.  I’m definitely going to be revisiting my Clarisonic Mia.  I went for a little while without it because I forgot the charger was plugged in and it got stuck to a bobbypin which zapped me and freaked me out for a while.  We cleaned up my bathroom counter space before the end of 2013 so I think I’ll be okay and zap-free for a while and I think my skin really misses that thing.

fitbit stats

I also have been using my fitbit one a TON and it’s been driving me crazy because I keep losing it.  We actually lost the charger too so I had to buy another fitbit before the end of last year so at least I have one as backup (I probably should have got the one that’s like a watch instead, but I hate wearing things on my arm.).  If you have a fitbit, have you figured out how to get active minutes or what they are?  I only seem to get them when I’ve walked for a while or ran and maybe I should have read the instructions but I thought just wearing it would get me in the right direction.  I tried using the fitbit to do a Jillian Michael’s workout but it didn’t count for active minutes but I was super sweaty and it made me sad I got no points for it.  (I’m totally rewards motivated.)

And I don’t know if this works for you, but bathing suit shopping helps me with exercise motivation so I’m looking to see what to buy.  Gap had a sale (use code offer4u for 30% off until January 7th) so I bought the boys a few new bathing suits today but I need one for me.  I really liked this one I had from Modcloth for a while so I might just replace it:

modcloth bathingsuit

Or maybe I’ll buy something different, but regardless of what I choose, I think I’ll buy one as a reward after I complete 15 runs this year.  And so far I’ve finished 2 so maybe if I keep it up, I’ll be able to buy something in the next few weeks.

christmas chocolate

And if I keep making desserts, I’ll definitely need to keep running.  I’ve been using all the Christmas chocolate to make these skillet cookies for dessert recently.  It’s super easy and all my guys love my dinner better if I make something like this. (I’m wondering if this also might be something we can even make over a campfire this summer?)

awesome make in skillet easy cookie

So happy shopping, running and making this glorious Monday.  I’d love to hear what you’re buying or how you’re reducing buying this New Year too!

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