A few coloring resources my little world travelers (and I) can’t live without

free flag coloring resources for kids
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A few months ago I needed my guys to do some independent coloring and for some reason they chose flags, and I didn’t know at the time this would start a whole flag coloring madness in our house but now they’ve started a flag collection and have been coloring like crazy ever since.   I started out just using free coloring flags I found on this website, but I’d have to leave my computer open so the guys could see what colors the flags were or they’d always be asking me what the colors were for each part, which probably doesn’t seem like much but in a frantic coloring spell with two 5-year-olds competing for one grown ups attention it could mean an impatient demand every 30 seconds.  I started trying to figure out how to make this project even more independent, but I couldn’t find a good flag book.

And then I found this map book:

maps book is one of the best travel resources for kids

This has got to be the best map book ever.  It has really intricate illustrations for all the maps and the kids and I can look at it for hours wondering about all the countries and places we’ve never been to yet.  But then we found out at the back it has PAGES AND PAGES OF FLAGS!!!!   There are flags for countries I’ve never even heard of so I think this book is going to help ME get smarter too.  But with these flags, I found a solution to my problem.

coloring a crayola flag that has facts about the country and a map

So now I can print out easy flags and my guys can look them up.  This is SO helpful.  Especially around dinner time.  (I hope it gives you a little peace too!)

(PS. I also found that Crayola has a huge supply of free flags to color too.  (And they are color by number)

(PPS.  if you need Dinner ideas too, here are some things I’ve pinned so now you’re set.)


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