10 loves on a Monday

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Oh, Monday.  I need to list it today so that this wonderfulness gets out, but oh, how I’m feeling a case of the “is it 5-o-clock yet?” Mondays….

Today we love the USA.  Not just because it’s fabulous, but because at 3pm two of our Seattle Sounders are playing in the World Cup.  And you know how we love our Sounders.  The guys have been ready since this pre-dawn this morning.

go #usa worldcup soccer

And me I’ve been ready to curl up and snooze since they bounced out of bed.  But thank goodness a friend shared this pancake-in-a-ricemaker-disaster-in-the-making to keep me intrigued.  I’m totally making this.  It could even be exploding in my kitchen while I write. -we’ll see. (My rice maker plays twinkle twinkle little star by the way when it’s done.  It’s very cute.) I added some blueberries and lemon zest and yogurt to try to make them taste like these yummy ones we made with my sister.  So that could add to trouble too.


I’ve also given up on not buying anything.  I already pre-ordered Maps the activity book  because we LOVE the Maps book that it goes with and the Thug Kitchen blog cookbook because I would die without their potato salad-it makes me look like a genius and we really are an almost-meatless family so I do love their vegetarian recipes.

I also found the best padded running socks at Lululemon.  They are so soft and comfortable and my feet were a lot happier during my long run when I wore them today.  I LOVE them! (And I love my mom because she gave me the gift certificate to buy them.  Thank you mom!)

And if your kids are losing teeth like my guys are, you might want to try making your own tooth fairy pillow.  I posted a how-to on the lovely Namebubbles blog, My Daily Bubble where I’ve been writing a monthly column.

how to make a toothfairy pillow

And while I’m shamelessly self-promoting I have a post on family travel for Tea Collection too.

kids at blue lagoon in iceland

I’ve also figured out how to get the pictures out of my new Nikon AW1 camera.  It is THE awesome-est camera ever.  (I do not work for them or anything of the sort.) But it is a digital SLR that can go UNDER water and we even brought it to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and we didn’t have to worry if we got it all wet and we got some fun family pics too.  I like that it feels indestructible (we bought it because of some video where a guy drops it from 6 ft and you just want to die, but the camera is JUST fine.) so it’s the perfect camera for traveling with kids and we’ve used it on a few trips so far and have been really happy with it.  We’ve even let the kids try and take pictures with it and it’s nice actually getting pictures of the hubby and I that aren’t selfies when we travel now too.

picture taken by kids

So go ahead and count if you want and see if all this adds up to 10 loves.  It might. It might not.  But I do have a pancake quietly growing in my already disastrous kitchen and I need to prep myself to watch 90+ minutes of soccer with too amped up little boys.  If you have any cleaning tips for kitchens I’ll probably need them tonight too and if I have any cleaning epiphanies you totally know I’ll share;)  Happy Monday and I hope wherever you are, it’s almost Tuesday for you!

(Oh and PS if you live in Seattle and don’t feel like cooking AT ALL on Wednesday, July 2nd, there is a DINE OUT day at Uvillage where you can get 2 for 10 dollar lunches and 2 for 20 dollar dinners at some of the yummy restaurants.  I totally wish this was happening today!)


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