Dear Monday, why so angry? Here are some lovely things. (My Monday Reviews)

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An Emerald City Life Monday reviews

The hubby’s been wondering why I’ve been dropping a few more colorful vocabulary terms in our recent conversations, but it’s really not my fault.  It’s totally because of some lovely ladies in my life who told me about Thug Kitchen and why I have to make some potato salad and bean burritos.  (Actually, why I f***-ing have to make some bad-**s potato salad and some other s*** but let’s just pretend the stars are glitter, okay?)  I’ve made a few things from the site and the hubby even packed up some of the leftovers to bring to work for lunch, so maybe it’s all that spicy language that translates to super yummy food.

Cooking with kids in the kitchen

My love for cooking lately has also meant that the guys are helping out in the kitchen a little more.  One morning they helped with pancakes and with a little supervision they were able to flip them in the pan themselves.  I still love the Snoqualmie Pancake mix that we’ve been cooking with since the boys were little.  All you do is add water so it’s impossible to mess up and then I let them mix in toppings like they did at Slappycakes in Portland.  The boys also helped me make homemade pizza-we used a recipe from Fanny at Chez Panisse which was something like this one.

Cookbooks for kids

Another place that makes sublime food is the Monte Cristo Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck and we finally got to try it this weekend at a local SeaFair festival.  I’m a little sad this truck is leaving to Portland soon-I practically licked the sauce dip bowl clean.  I never would have thought dipping grilled cheese in a BLUEBERRY sauce would be AMAZING and I wish I’d found this place long ago.

photo(578)Eating out from food trucks in seattle with kids

I also tried a new box delivery service and it is one that’s totally novel.  It’s called Stitch Fix and I heard about it from a few people at Alt Summit. You pretty much just create a profile, put in your likes and dislikes and then pay a $20 stylist fee.  Then you select when you want your box to come and it shows up with 5 items to enhance your style.  I liked it because it was like having a personal stylist without having to deal with an actual person so there wasn’t the pressure of a stranger watching you while you tried on the clothes.  You can choose what you want in the privacy of your own house what you like and match the selections to things that you already have with the styling suggestions they give you.  If you keep EVERYTHING you get 25% off which was a little pressure but I managed to not cave.  I chose one item (a fabulous dress) and the $20 style fee went toward this purchase.  Then I packed everything else back up in the included mailbag and sent it all away. They were cool things, but I’ve bought a lot recently and they weren’t exactly what I wanted, but still nice.  I think when I try StitchFix next, I can inform the stylist more about my own personal style and over time the selections will evolve to reflect more of the things I like (which could get dangerous.)  On the whole I found the whole experience pretty exciting and I will definitely be shopping from them again.

Stitch fix review

I revisited Glossybox for a few months and decided my heart still belongs to Birchbox.  There is no sense in paying 20 dollars for the same wow I get from 10.

And I spotted Sweatybands at Nordstrom and was happy that I can get them in an actual store.  I love that Nordstrom sells so many things I love.


But the best part of the weekends was the new toy the hubby bought me.  It’s a Canon Powershot N and I’ve been playing with all weekend and I’m excited to use it on a big upcoming trip.  So a glittery happy Monday to you!  Did you find anything fun this weekend?  Do tell!


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