Birchbox vs Glossybox: a makeup subscription showdown

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So this isn’t really a makeup showdown, it’s more like a what do I prefer, what can I afford, why do I really need a monthly beauty supply delivery anyway comparison.  And the showdown merely happened because I saw Glossybox advertised and I thought my life wouldn’t be complete unless I tried it out.

My June Glossybox came in beautiful packaging.

When I opened it up, I saw some decent-sized nice products.

And if I had never had a Birchbox I probably would have looked at them and loved them and raved about this product and signed on for a whole year.

The problem for me is that for around 21 dollars a month (including tax and shipping) I totally expected them to be good and I was underwhelmed with what I got.  For 21 dollars I can get a pretty nice mascara or moisturizer that I really want, rather than a surprise.  There was also no standout product in the box that made me feel like I totally got good value or make-up enlightenment for the price.

What I learned from this experiment is that I think my grab-bag/goodybag spending limit must be 10 bucks. (I can sacrifice 3 lattes a month for a makeup surprise in the mail and be quite content.)  And now I’m wondering what my average yearly makeup expenditure must be.  (How much does one spend in a year that 120-360 dollars a year on a surprise makeup service seem like a good idea? And if Sephora doesn’t make a subscription service soon, is my VIB status in danger of becoming extinct?)  And is there a makeup subscription like this for eco-friendly products?

Do you have a makeup subscription that you love?  I’d love to know about it!


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