Portland with kids Revisited

Omsi with kids in Portland
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Portland with kids

It’s hard to go too long without a visit to one of our favorite Northwest cities: Portland.  This city is so fabulously kid-friendly and so fantastically coffee-addict/foodie/site-seeing friendly that we can’t help but adore traveling to Portland with kids.  This time we added a couple new stops and I’ll have to remember how fun Easter weekend is when you spend it in a hotel.

We stayed at the Hotel Monaco which is great if you travel to Portland with kids (it’s now on our LOVE list!) but even more fantastic if you have a dog.  There was a huge welcome board at the front-desk for all the dog-guests and I think there were at least twenty names on the board.  The boys enjoyed the happy hour goldfish treats and so many puppy friends were lounging around too.  I noticed there was a painting and a wii station but we tried out the special “Peeps” art station they had set up for Easter and the kids were happy making fun creations.

Hotel Monaco with kids in portland

One of the mornings we were surprised with Voo-doo donuts at the morning complimentary coffee hour.  And I really wanted to try the complimentary bikes which but we ran out of time.  I tried out the gym one night which was clean and lovely with really cold bottled water.  The boys loved their pet goldfish that we had in our room and they named him Bubbles.

Hotel Monaco with kids in portland

This hotel was close to everything including Finnigans Toys where we found an amazing hockey puck that works on carpet.  We also walked to Mamma Mia’s for dinner.  (I still need to try Mother’s Bistro which is owned by the same group, but the guys wanted pasta so we went back to Mamma Mia’s and it was lovely.)

Of course we went to OMSI.   OMSI is empty on Easter-especially if it’s a beautiful day in the mid-seventies.  (Seattle people: If you have a Pacific Science Center Membership it only costs you 4 dollars for parking and entry is FREE!) We had a blast in our favorite ball area.  And we tried out the chemistry lab for the very first time.  This place is amazing: I made a glow in the dark solution with my guys and watched as another family played with FIRE!

OMSI with kids in PortlandOmsi with kids in Portland

We also got to see what happens when you put cola and a mentos candy together:

OMSI with kids in Portland

Produce Row restaurant is very close by and had a yummy kids’ menu. The patio seating area is gorgeous, but I thought this painting in the background looked very ‘spring’.


We also like to stop by Coava if we’re in OMSI neighborhood where they made the guys some sweet baby lattes.  (If you love coffee, we also went to Barista and Public Domain too.)


One afternoon we just paid a couple dollars and rode around the city on one of the light-rails.  The boys thought this was the highlight of the trip.  Of course.


I thought the highlight was Slappycakes.  What a cool restaurant idea and it’s neat that they’ve also opened one in Shinjuku, Japan.


Someone may have played a trick on the family on April Fool’s Day.  (OH I do wish we could have taken the wall-paper home.)


But what a lovely way to spend time with our little family just eating, toodling and playing the way we do best.  Happy Spring!

6 thoughts on “Portland with kids Revisited

  1. I am always so inspired by your travel posts! We’re stuck in Seattle for a little while, but whenever I see your two boys so joyfully (and blissfully) getting their travel on, it makes me fantasize that someday, we’ll be able to leave the city with two:)

    1. Oh Danielle, that’s so sweet! And yes, you’ll definitely be traveling with two soon, I think and there are so many getaways nearby that feel like they’re far away when you just need to escape:) And PS. we only take pics of the good moments;) not the meltdowns.

  2. We’re here at the Hotel Monaco right now at your recommendation, and we’re loving it so far! As is nephew dog 🙂 Highlights so far are the amazing room, Happy Hour, all of the dog-loving staff, and the freezer full of complimentary ice cream in the lounge. YUM! Going to try the yoga class in the morning to balance it out 🙂

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