Dreamiest Cafe in the World (Royal Smushi Cafe, Copenhagen)

copenhagen with kids in the spring
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When we travel we seek out coffee shops, even if the kids are in tow and probably mostly BECAUSE the kids are in tow.  But it doesn’t mean we have to settle for Starbucks (even though I do love our Seattle chain, it’s crazy how we see it EVERYWHERE and it’s nice to try things that are just unique to the place we’re visiting).  Some of our favorite coffee shops have been the Little Nap in Tokyo or Coava in Portland or the Greenwell Farms in Hawaii and now the Royal Smushi Cafe in Copenhagen is another one I’ll dream about now that we’re back home.

Our visit to the Royal Smushi Cafe was totally typical of how we travel as a family.  We were up earlier than most human beings like to be awake because the boys are early risers and since we had rented bikes we had also ridden a couple miles from the Airbnb we had rented.

We had just frozen ourselves on a boat-ride that was  gorgeous but chilly but with kids a boat ride is a great way to see many of the city’s landmarks because everyone is contained and entertained.

boat tour denmark with kids in copenhagenarchitecture denmarkview from boat tour in Copenhagenview from boat tour in copenhagen

I remembered my favorites, like Hans Christian Anderson’s house so we could go back and spend more time, while we found out that we didn’t have to trek out to see the mermaid statue because it was being repaired.

mermaid statue repairs denmark  boat tour denmark

We also learned about a creepy underwater statue that is probably not supposed to be scary but because it looks like drowning people it just totally freaked me out.

underwater statue

So of course my sweet litle cafe was like a beacon of hope and light and all things beautiful in what was already an adventurous morning.

royal smushi cafe denmarkroyal smushi cafe denmark

Royal Smushi Cafe Denmark Royal Smushi Cafe in Denmark with kids

It was perfect.  We had cake and coffee and I just wanted to take it all in.
But the guys weren’t really into sitting for very long so we didn’t have time for ordering the smushi sandwiches that this place is so famous for.


And then they devoured my cake.  ALL of MY cake.

kids eating cake

At least we were the only ones in the cafe.

And for a little while during our visit I had big wishes that I was there ALL alone.

Because all too quickly the duo decided that they both needed to go to the bathroom immediately.  So the cafe visit was over.  Abruptly.

And we were off to the Lego store.  Because Lego comes from Denmark and that was the big bribe to get them to the Royal Smushi Cafe in the first place.

Lego comes from Denmark

But for a few lovely minutes while sipping my coffee and enjoying my beautiful surroundings with my family, it was absolutely perfect.  And that is why we travel the world with the kids: there is absolutely no way to recreate a moment or feeling like this when we are at home.  And thankfully, I was still thinking about this lovely moment when we walked back to get our bikes.

Because our bikes had vanished completely and a hot dog stand was in its place.

hotdog stand in copenhagen

We ended up finding our bikes after a bit of searching since the big kids’ bucket in front of the hubby’s bike was pretty unmistakeable and made both bikes that were even locked together when they were moved a fair distance away, easy to find.

So now the Royal Smushi Cafe and our visit there is even more imprinted in our minds.

And one day when the hubby and I go back alone, without kids, I know we’ll be wishing that they were there too.


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  1. Beautiful pictures, except drowning people one, Lovely story, took me away. Pass me some cake. xo

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