Crafting with the duo (A Seattle Sounders Soccer Craft)

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I love crafting with my guys but it’s hard to pitch them the right craft idea.  I can’t just say “let’s make crafts!” and put some supplies out,  they need “let’s make crafts with a purpose.” This one turned out quite by accident. I had some Seattle Sounders stickers on hand and so I told them we’d be making Sounders players and doing a soccer craft.  Of course they were all over this.  We are really into our Seattle Sounders.  Like if we don’t talk about them at least once a day, we might just die.

A Seattle Sounders soccer craft
But the guys had used up all my body shaped wooden pegs making hockey players last week with some jersey stickers we found on one of our visits up to Canada.  So I took a cereal box and cut some peg shaped figures out.

I also created a little circle to prop it on but cutting a small strip of paper, maybe 1/2 an inch by 3 inches.  In hindsight I could have used a toilet paper roll here too.  (With two little boys in the house, we use up an excessive amount of toilet paper.)

Making a soccer craft with my kids
The guys created their own jerseys to stick on their “paper dolls.” They drew little faces like only 5-year olds can and carefully selected the right jersey numbers for each of their Sounders players.  I never thought one of my mom duties would be to know who each Seattle Sounder is, but if I can’t tell them the right number for the right player, they look at me with sheer disappointment.

Making a soccer craft with preschoolers
As usual, the crafts ended up doing something.  These paper dolls played soccer with a marble for the rest of the afternoon, prolonging the cereal box’s journey to recycling.

Paper dolls with my boys; a Seattle Sounders soccer craft
And voila! The sweetest little paper dolls I’ve seen.  Not glittery, or frilly, but just as adorable and I had a lovely afternoon crafting with my guys.

(PS. we bought our Seattle Sounders stickers at Party Display and Costume near Northgate mall.  It’s a really great party store!)

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