When you need to post-birthday shop on a Monday

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When you get a certain amount of birthdays under your belt, you begin to realize how thankful you are for having just made it to that day again another year.  And today I’m truly grateful for the wonderful people in my life and for health and happiness too.

birthday cake at Loulay

And I’m thankful for cake.  All the cakes. I do love cake and I’ve had WAY too much cake and candles with loved ones in the past week. And so now that all the wonderfulness of my special day is over, I’m back to the grind and trying to make sure that cake doesn’t stick with me into next year too.

Thankfully, I’m trying out something new called Classpass and I’m excited to see how it will work.  I’m not really a fan of joining a gym-I’m way too fly by the seat of my pants to actually commit-so this Classpass seems like it might be a perfect fit for me.  I like the idea that it will let me go to a bunch of different studios in the Seattle area to try a variety of exercise classes and instead of paying one gym, I pay Classpass each month and I’m hoping it helps me figure out some workouts that will get me through the winter without making me feel tied down or like too much of a gym regular.

It also gives me an excuse to buy a bunch of new workout wear and I’m excited to buy these cold-weather running/ski pants from Sweaty Betty and this cute yoga shirt for trying out yoga classes.

I also like this twist and turn tank from Lululemon.  I love that working out opens up a whole new shopping wardrobe.  I’ll probably have to buy a new yoga mat or a water bottle too!

And I definitely will be ordering more Golden Totes as a reward for myself if I actually manage to work out 10 times this month.  I’m wearing a tunic I bought in the November Golden Tote in my birthday cake picture and I  LOVED the whole tote I received this month again so it might be a good present to me for taking care of me.  (Last month I received 6 items that were ALL fabulous for $149!  And with friends and family with similar sizes and tastes, I might just order the next tote to split up for Christmas presents so I don’t have to actually go and shop for them.)

So happy Monday shopping and I’d love to hear if you found anything wonderful this weekend too!  (PS. I’m also reading Thrifty Northwest Mom for deals on toys for kids!)

(PPS. A disclosure FYI: I contacted Classpass because I liked the idea of what they are doing and I am getting a month free of Classpass to try out but I’m not required to like it or tell you that I do because these opinions are my own. I have also been ordering Golden Tote FOREVER and I don’t get anything for telling you about it, but I will keep singing its praises because I love it.  And Sweaty Betty is just a fabulous name, don’t you think?)



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  1. It sounds like you had a great birthday, happy belated birthday to you! I checked out the Yoga shirt and that is definitely something I would pick up for myself. Reminds me I need to get some new workout gear too, just another reason to shop ;)>

    Hope you’re having a great week!

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