Something 2014 to bring into the New Year (Classpass, Seattle)

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I’ve been known to complain about exercising and I definitely prefer sloth.  But I’ve been trying out Classpass since my birthday and it hasn’t been horrible.  I actually even signed up as a real customer after my free trial expired.  The nice thing about this pass is it’s a commitment that’s non-committal so it’s perfect for my schedule and I’m kind of hooked. I like that I can book the exercise classes I want to take online and then I show up and go do them, but I don’t have to book really far in advance and I don’t have to promise to become bffs with a gym.  Some days I look up a class and take it the same day and I love the flexibility. I’ve tried a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise try because I can do them on a whim and I’ve found that I like yoga and I’m still on the fence about Barre-type classes because they make me work really hard (but I love how I feel after I finish them).  I will have to work up to Monkey Bar gymnastics and anti-gravity yoga, but I always have the option of trying them on a really brave day and I find this empowering and totally cool. I was worried I wouldn’t use the pass enough because we were away for a week and a bunch of weekends in the month I was trying it out but I still managed to work out 8 times making the price of each class around $12.50 and I feel a lot more flexible and energized than I did before I tried this out.
There was a freezing cold day in Seattle last month and that was the day I tried warm yoga for the first time so I think that might have triggered my instant love. It is so nice to lie down on a mat in a warm room on a chilly day.
And because each gym I’ve visited has a little store attached I’ve seen neat clothes from brands I’ve never heard of before like beautiful inspirational tshirts from spiritual gangster or yogitoes yoga towels in cool colors from a brand called manduka.
I am promising myself I’ll continue this at least a month into the new year because it compensates for my lack of running on yucky days and I’ll definitely update you on how it’s going.
Have you tried Classpass in Seattle or in your city? Do you have any favorite places to work out?

(Ps disclosure: I got my first month of Classpass free to try out but I’m now paying for this month myself and have already taken two new classes this month and all the opinions here are mine and mine alone.)

(PPS. I hope Classpass starts happening in Vancouver BC, because it would be so nice to be able to use my flexible benefits to workout when I travel north!)

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